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by - Sunday, December 30, 2018

Red beetroot is one of the best superfoods highly recommended by dieticians and fitness experts alike. It has a wide range of health benefits and suits people of all ages. Making red beetroot a part of our everyday nutrition can be a challenging task especially for adults and parents who are always on their toes due to hectic modern life.

I chose.....JOYMIX Beetroot Juice Concentrated Powder.

Benefits of Beetroot
  1. Many Nutrients in Few Calories.
  2. Help Keep Blood Pressure in Check.
  3. Can Improve Athletic Performance. 
  4. May Help Fight Inflammation.
  5. May Improve Digestive Health.
  6. May Help Support Brain Health.
  7. May Have Some Anti-Cancer Properties.
  8. May Help You Lose Weight.
(Source: HERE)
 What is JOYMIX Beetroot Juice Concentrated Powder?

It is a powdered form of beetroot that comes with all the goodness and nutrition of the naturally occurring vegetable.

 Why JOYMIX Beetroot Juice Concentrated Powder?

  •  Tastes good (No earthy taste and odour-less)
  • Versatile & Excellent Mixability (fine texture and excellent Flowability to prevent caking and lump formation. You can even add it into your cakes and pastries)
  • Easy to drink, along with all the nutrients packed (it contains contains eight times more betaine and five times more nitrate than regular beetroot juice)
  • Low calories (18 calories per 100g)
  • Hassle-free

Who should take?

All individuals, including people who are on Keto and Vegetarian diets as well as anyone who is active.

What is the recommended dosage?

6g to 10g and mix with cold water.

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