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by - Tuesday, August 14, 2018

As you all may know, I had just resigned from my current employment with a well-known corporate (Sorry, don't feel like disclosing the name. XD).

Definitely learnt a lot throughout this period of more than 3 years.
The goods, the bads, all taught me something.
All these made me the person I am today. No regrets but to see what I can improve on myself in terms of soft and hard skills.
Lots of judgment on this huge decision I made.
Some called me spoilt brat, some called me childish, some actually trying to teach on what to do would be the best for me.
I guess, we usually know what is best for ourselves, don't we?

However, I had actually summarised what lessons gotten throughout the period in the reality of Corporate. Refer below.


1) Knowledge
Definitely gained a lot on knowledge. Transformed from a Fresh Graduate who knew nothing at all to an Office Lady who actually knew what she is doing.

The employer provided lots of platforms for us to gain the necessary knowledge for our works.

2) Communications
Definitely learnt how to communicate formally.
Especially replying emails.
Hence, that explains my formal way of writing i.e. replying emails and blogging.

It also enhanced the way of me communicating with other individuals.
Learnt how to read body language and expressions, of which it is very usually in my daily life too.

3) Business Analytical Skill
Learnt how to analyse a business, even though it isn't perfect yet but at least it was a good start.
This skill is useful for my future career advancement, I believe.

4) To be tougher
Life isn't as smooth as we always thought.
Being in a corporate world for 3 years+ actually taught me how to fall and rise again after the fall.

5) To let go
Similar to point 4 but this is referring more towards the relationship between individuals.
If someone cares about the friendship between both of you, he or she will make the effort to contact you. If you tried but it didn't work, let it go and move on.

6) EQ Training
Working in a corporate is really good in training your EQ.
No matter how sad or angry you are, you are forced to wear a mask to conceal how you feel.


1) The Office Politics
Rumours spread way faster than news.
It's true when it comes to office.
Don't be surprised that even guys can often be the one who are spreading rumours.

2) The Work-life Imbalance
You often realise you are compromising your life to earn money.
When I mentioned "life", it includes health and time.

Many told me they do not have time to exercise but what I see in them is they have categorised "work" as their lives. For me, I don't.

3) The unwritten OT rule
Some supervisors/ colleagues might label you as "Lazy" if you don't work OT.
The traditional corporate has the similar corporate culture as the corporate culture in China.
My belief is the corporate culture in countries like United Kingdom and Australia as they have strong beliefs on Work-Life Balance, especially when it involves health.

4) Reality Check
The bigger the corporate, the lesser you interact with your colleagues/ ex-colleagues after you had resigned.

5) The 9-5 Freedom Opportunity Cost
As a blogger, do you know how many media releases that we were forced to let go because of our 9-5 jobs?
It's a give and take kind of world. You chose to work in the office, you have to forgo the other part of your life.

6) Stress Test
Working in a corporate, it is different level of stress.
It depends on how desperate you are to climb the career ladder and how much are you willing to sacrifice.
I wanted to climb it desperately but it took a tow on my health.
Hence, I took a step back and slow down my pace to recover myself.
These are some of the goods and bads that I managed to summarise throughout my journey with my employer (Ok, ex-employer). It is merely a sharing but not meant to pinpoint on anybody.



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