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by - Sunday, July 01, 2018

It's already July 2018.
What does that meant? It means half a year is gone and we only left with another half a year in 2018.
I always treat every experience as lesson, regardless it's a bad or good experience.
I decided to summarise the past six (6) months. However, most of the days are status quo a.k.a. routine - Gym, Sleep, Eat and repeat.
 The list is not in any particular order but random.

 #1: Cut off connection with him

Finally took a big step to remove him from my life.
I don't need another person who doesn't appreciate me as a human being, as a lady, as a friend.
I am glad I am mentally strong but I am only human.
I am glad that I took the big step to do so.

 #2: Traveled to Lombok, Indonesia

Finally some vitamin sea after so long.
I had decided to stop caring too much about having a fair skin but healthy skin.
I think I look better in healthy skin and I am definitely happier.

 #3: My love for Muay Thai

My love for Muay Thai has not stopped but my schedule is kind of tight because Muay Fit isn't located at somewhere near my house but I still go once in a while to punch some bags and release some pressure on the bags. *wink* 
*Note: This is not a sponsored collaboration*

Place I go for Muay Thai: Muayfit PJ (link: HERE)

 #4: Weightlifting with Honey Badgers, 10 Boulevard

Started to lift heavier since February 2018.
At HB, the coaches emphasized a lot on the postures than weights when I first started.
I definitely love how much I have improved and gained.
Journey to leaner and stronger body is definitely what I am enjoying right now.

Place I go for my usual training: Honey Badgers, 10 Boulevard (link: HERE)

 #5 : on my pull-ups

Finally performing more of the assisted pull-ups instead of ring rows.
Never stop training, just keep going!

 #6 : Long term collaboration with MyClinic 

I am glad to have met Dr Hoe and after years, I am still going to MyClinic for my monthly skin maintenance - Facial treatments.
I really love the service quality and results after each treatment.

Place I go for facial treatment: MyClinic (link: HERE)

 #7: Trying to gain back and further train on my flexibility

This was taken at gym to test on my flexibility.
Yes, I practice yoga sometimes to train and challenge on my flexibility. 
However, I do not a fixed practice spot for yoga though.
Any yoga places keen to sponsor me? =P

 #8: Once you go black, you never go back.

Decided to ditch coloured hair but back to black hair.
My style had transformed more into elegant style because.....I have trouble finding perfect fit bottoms.
Hence, I decided to stick to dresses which are relatively easier to purchase and need not worry about not able to fit my body into it.

 #9: Graduating from Masters soon!

Good news! I am finally finishing my MBA Global Financial Services!
Final semester shall ends by end of July 2018 and my graduation ceremony will be held in November 2018!
I can't wait for it!

#10: Continuing my career in banking sector

Did I mention about my career?
Yes, I am a banker. A corporate banker.
I am not working as a part time model nor a PR personnel.

 #11: Gaston Luga sponsorship

Thanks to Gaston Luga, the backpack is now my laptop bag to everywhere I go because of its durability and functionality.

I blogged about this too. Visit ok? (link: HERE)
 #12: Friendship

Thanks for those who stay as my genuine friends.
I do appreciate the genuine yet loyal friendships between us.
#13: Family

Last but not least, I am glad to have my parents who will support me regardless what, especially when I decided to resign to further my studies, they gave me their full support and encouraged me to do what I really want.

A lot asked me if my parents forced me to pursue my masters.
Answer is no. They never forced me to further my studies even though both of them are highly-educated individuals.

As for other sponsors, thanks for believing in me and my fitness journey. 
I am glad to have all of you to be on board with me in my journey.
It may not be perfect but it is definitely progressing because I will make sure it will.

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