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by - Thursday, June 07, 2018

If you haven't read my travelogue on Gili Trawangan, click HERE to read now!!!

So yes, I paid a visit to Lombok, Indonesia. 
It was my first time to Indonesia as I had never been to Indonesia.
It was indeed similar to Malaysia, especially Lombok.
I too went for snorkeling at Lombok but it wasn't as beautiful as Gili Trawangan.
I might visit Lombok again, not for the beach but for the waterfall and hiking. As for snorkeling, I will still opt for Gili T. 

Nonetheless, I still had tons of fun at Lombok but different feeling as compared to Gili T. 
Shall we?

 #1 : Kebun Villas & Resort

It was indeed a very beautiful resort.
Many good reviews received and many of my friends had stayed at this resorts!
I booked via Agoda online (Link: HERE)

 #2 : [FOOD] Ayam Bakar Taliwang at RM. Nada Alam Nyaman Bintaro

We took a cab from our resort (Senggigi area) to the town area to hunt for local food and we told the cab driver that we would like to try Ayam Bakar Taliwang (Taliwang Grilled Chicken).

This was where he brought us to.
(Left; from top to bottom) Ayam Bakar Taliwang, Ayam Bakar Madu and Cumi Bakar.
(Right; from top to bottom) Pelecing Kangkung, Pelecing Terong and the full meal.

It was delicious. I love the grilled squid (Cumi Bakar) and Pelecing Kangkung.
Pelecing Kangkung consists boiled kangkung and bean sprouts covered with special blend sambal sauce but it was so delicious that I couldn't stop eating it. Yes, it was very spicy but addictive.

 #3 : Sandy Island (Private tour)

We booked the tour to Pink beach with the same tour guide, as mentioned in earlier post.
His name is Eko (Link: HERE)
This tour guide is definitely recommended! =D

Sandy island is just a swallow sandy area in the middle of the sea.
I won't exactly call it as an island because it is just a small sandy area.

This is not a toy or props.

It is a real STARFISH!

 #4 : Special dish for lunch - Lobster (Private tour) 

Of course, lunch is provided but lobsters are not part of the tour package.
We bought directly from this monger and he was pointing at better options for lobsters.

 We bought the one on the left because the one I was holding is a lot more expensive.

 #5 : Beach side lunch at Pink beach (Private tour) 

It was a simple seafood feast under the straw hut.

 Grilled Lobsters, Grilled Fishes, Fried Squid, Sambal and Curry Crab.

 Look at the thickness of the lobster flesh.
Imagine the juiciness and sweetness are all locked in the flesh.

 #6 : Sightseeing (Private tour)

Many would have imagined the beach in pink.
The one you all saw on the net isn't here.
As you can see from the picture, there are very limited amount of red particles in the sands.
Hence, the beach isn't as pink as we thought.

Nonetheless, the view is still priceless because less crowded as compared to the beaches in Thailand or etc.

 #7 : [FOOD] Dinner at Yessy Cafe (Senggigi area)

We found this place while walking along Senggigi area searching for dinner place.
Food were decent and reasonably priced. 

As usual, I ordered Gado-gado! Addictive!

 #8 : Walk around Senggigi area

Senggigi area isn't a big touristy area as you thought.
Only a few convenience stores were attractive enough to visit.
Other than that, only have eateries and resorts.

 #9 : Souvenirs hunting at Art Market

If you want to buy any souvenirs and you realised they aren't common at everywhere, here is a good place for you to hunt some.
Prices are negotiable and their initial prices indeed high.

 #10 : Lunch by the sea side

There are a few eateries by the sea side hiding within the area of Art Market.
You could just have your drinks and/or lunch by the sea side.
Food are decent and reasonably priced too.

 #11 : Chill at cafe - Gula Giler Cafe (Cafe in front of our resort)

The last few hours before heading to airport, we decided to chill at a cafe while escaping from the utterly hot weather and enjoy the 4G Wifi connection.

See you again, Lombok and Gili Trawangan!
You all have served me well!

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