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by - Monday, June 04, 2018

I always emphasize on the quality of photos, even though I am not a professional photographer.
We want something stylish and easy to use, as well as excellent image processing and etc.
I have the answer to that!
The latest family to Olympus PEN series - Olympus EPL 9

 I am going to segregate the images I captured using Olympus EPL 9 into three (3) major categories.
I usually use "Aperture Mode" by adjusting the exposure and aperture based on the settings and environment.

Camera : Olympus EPL 9
Lens involved : 1) 25mm F1.8
2) 45mm (Portrait)
3) 12mm (Wide Angle)

Category #1 : FOOD

 Image #1 : Lei Cha soup

I usually shoot my flat lay at F4.5-F5.0.

 Image #2 : Steamed Multi-grain Mantou

Close-up of food usually at F2.0-F2.5.

 Image #3 : Scrambled Tofu

Image #4 : Dragon Bowl

Category #2 : Scenery

As for scenery, I usually increase the aperture to at least F6.3, depending on light condition.
It is more challenging when it comes to night or low light condition.

Image #5 :  Swing in the sea

 Image #6 : Beach Bags

 Image #7 : Shadow

 Image #8 : Life Reflection

 Image #9 : Sunset with Swing

Image #10 : Sunset

Category #3 : Portrait

I usually use F1.8-F2.5 for portrait to create the depth effect, especially when I am using the portrait lens.

 Image #11 : Look into my eyes

 Image #12 : Listen to the sound of my heart

 Image #13 : A lost child

 Image #14 : Best solution to everything is to smile.

 Image #15 : Candid smile No.1

 Image #16 : Candid Smile No.2

 Image #17 : Bridged while overseeing Bali and Sunset.

 Image #18 : Double Exposure

I created this image using Olympus EPL 9's feature, Multiple Exposure under the "Advanced Photography" mode.

 Image #19 : Waves

 Image #20 : Sun-kissed Skin.

 Image #21 : Hammock 

Specifications & Other features

  • Product type : Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens system camera
  • Screen size : 17.3 mm x 13.0 mm
  • Lens mount : Micro Four Thirds Mount
  • Image Sensor : 4/3 Live MOS Sensor 
  • Number of pixels / Aspect ratio : Number of effective pixels: Approx. 16.1 million pixels, Total number of pixels: Approx. 17.2 million pixels / Aspect ratio: 1.33 (4:3) 
  • Image Stabilisation System : Built-in 3-axis sensor-shift image stabilisation for video and still photos (compensates for yaw, pitch, roll)
  • Touch control : YES
  • AF system : High-speed imager AF
  • Focusing point : 121-point contrast AF
For more info, kindly visit HERE.

 What made Olympus EPL 9 so unique?

I personally like their easy handling and image processing as well as the fast focusing and the colour tone of the photos. Olympus EPL 9 now comes with built-in flash and new photography mode - advanced photography mode to ease the entire photos editing job. 

I have been a loyal Olympus user since Olympus EPL 7. I was amazed with the easy handling and user friendly interface as well as the end products. Olympus EPL 9 did not disappoint me but further impressing me. Many had sent me messages on what camera should they purchase. I always recommend Olympus because of the easy handling because I doubt beginners or normal consumers would want something so complicated and overwhelmed with the overloaded features. 

I usually shoot and post portrait on Instagram (Link: My Insta), mainly due to the nature of my job - Fitness Lifestyle Blogger. As a blogger, photos are important to us as we usually convey the messages through images and words. Images somehow became the major part of it because people nowadays prefer looking at beautiful images. Olympus EPL 9 is definitely helpful for people like us and normal consumers who want to shoot beautiful images at ease. Memories.

I am satisfied with the outcome.

Want to get a camera?
Check out Olympus EPL 9 as it will not disappoint you for sure =D

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