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by - Friday, April 20, 2018

 I always emphasize on skin hydration because that is the key to flawless skin.
Dry skin leads to many conditions, like wrinkles and etc.

Came across this brand recently and it immediately captured my attention because of its name and its latest skin care range!

Papa Recipe Honey Moist series

 The moment I stepped into the event venue, I couldn't resist these cute sweets.
Their efforts in matching the event theme and skin care variant definitely on point!
These constantly reminded us on the Honey!

There were two (2) Korean beauty consultants being assigned to explain the features of every single Papa Recipe Honey Moist series skin care product.

Did you know honey is beneficial for our skin?
Are you well-verse with the benefits?

 I was then allowed to test them on my skin to feel the texture, aroma and after-effect of their products.

Brief Introduction on Papa Recipe

Papa Recipe was established by a doctor and also a father in 2012 with the purpose of creating natural skin care for his daughter who happens to have troubled skin. Since then, the skin care brand has bloomed and continue developing skin care products with only natural ingredients. Hence, these products are definitely suitable for all age groups. However, Honey Moist series is Papa Recipe's highlighted products because of its moisturising and nourishing effects.

 (From left to right)

Bombee Honey Moist Sun Essence 50ml (RM74)
BomBee Honey Moist Sun Essence uses organic UV absorbers and protection boosting ingredients to aid in the blocking of UV rays. BomBee Honey Moist Sun Essence contains Honey extract, propolis extract and sea daffodil extract to: -
  • Protect skin and block UV rays from the sun
  • Lightweight and sebum control essence to quickly absorb oil from skin
  • Hydrate skin while protecting from UV rays
  • SPF 50+/PA +++ Power protection.
Paparecipe BombeeHoney Moist Sun Stick 15g (RM59)
Bombee sun stick that gently melts onto your skin to seamlessly block UV rays.It can be quickly and easily used anytime, anywhere without leaving white residue.

Paparecipe BomBeeHoney Pudding Cream 135ml (RM259)
Bombee Honey Pudding Cream is enriched with organic propolis and honey extract,making it intensively hydrates, replenishes and nourishes skin. It builds up a barrier against possible irritants for stronger, healthier skin, and also locks in moisture. Its pudding texture enhances the moisturizing effect without generating heaviness or stickiness. You can immediate see a healthy radiance, and feels plump and silky smooth after application.

 (From left to right)

Paparecipe BombeeHoney Moist Cleansing Oil 150ml (RM69)
The lightweight and fresh BomBee Honey Moist cleansing oil removes base to point makeup in an easy manner.BomBee Honey Moist Cleansing Oil contains Honey extract, Hyaluronic Acid, sage leaf extract to: -
  • Cleanse face with a fresh and light weight oil
  • Dissolve make up and moisturize
  • Removes dead skin for smoother skin
Bombee Honey Moisture Cleansing Foam 120ml (RM59)
Papa Recipe's Bombee Honey Moisture Cleansing Foam is made with all-natural ingredients like honey & propolis as key ingredients directly from Mother Nature. This cleanser is highly suitable for people with dull and dry skin as it fully nourishes and moisturizes the skin's layers thoroughly. 

Bombee Honey Moist Soap 100g (RM49)
Bombee honey moist soap is a smoothly and richly lathering handmade soap that keeps dry skin moist without stripping.

 (From left to right)

Paparecipe BombeeHoney Moist Cream 50ml (RM94)
A water drop-type moisturizing cream to hydrate dry skin with water droplets that burst when rubbed.Queen's multi complex and nutritious honey for moisturizing and hydrating effects.
  • Skin moisture and hydration
  • Water drop cream formula
  • Fresh absorption
  • Nourishing skin
Bombee Honey Moist Emulsion 150ml (RM74)
The BomBee Honey Moist Emulsion is lightweight emulsion that hydrate and moisturized skin for a healthy looking skin. BomBee Honey Moist Emulsion contains Queen's MultiComplex, Hyaluronic Acid, sage leaf extract to: -
  • Soothe and reduce irritation skin
  • Balance oil and water on skin
  • Powerful hydration and moisturization for skin

 Oops! Almost left out this part of the event!
A quick yet effective 10-min Hand Spa Treatment, by Faire La Belle, Menara Amplewest!

Hi-5, anyone?

Thanks for the VIP invitation to this exclusive event!

Interested to purchase some of the Papa Recipe Honey Moist series skin care ?
Check out Sasa outlets now!

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