Travel | 2 days 1 night at Halong Bay, Vietnam

by - Thursday, January 11, 2018

 Halong Bay was one of the highlights of my trip to Hanoi, Vietnam.
I heard about the beauty of Halong Bay but didn't have any chance to witness with my eyes.
Hence, I made this tour mandatory by booking it in advance on (Link: HERE), highly recommended by SpicySharon, to lock-in slots on the Deluxe cruise for us. 

With promo code, we paid around RM1,103 for three (3) adults.

 I went in December and it was the beginning of Winter.
Weather was quite low at approximately 18℃ but it went low at night to 13℃ or lower.
The journey from Hanoi to Halong Bay pier took us approximately 4 hours, including the short rest time of 20-30 minutes. 

*This is a non-sponsored post*
*All pictures are taken using Olympus EPL7 with 25mm F1.8 lens & iPhone 6* 

Kindly read: -
Hanoi City (Link: HERE)
Hoa Lu - Trang An (Link: HERE)

 The cruise we booked isn't the best cruise but I would prefer to travel in a smaller group to avoid the human traffic congestion where everyone is rushing to get off and on the cruise.

(Pic credit: SpicySharon)

After we checked in to our room, quick lunch was served on the cruise.

 1st Agenda - Hiking up Sung Sot (Surprising Cave)

This is suitable for those who love geology.
I was more obsessed with scenic views.

 Everyone was so excited about this rock.

I guess you are able to guess the shape.

2nd Agenda - Sunset at Titop Island

We were given options whether or not to climb up the peak but we chose to enjoy the view while listening to sound of the waves by the beach.

 Of course, how can I forgo a good opportunity for photos?

Thanks to my #InstagramDad, he managed to capture these photos.

Just a blink of eyes, the sky turned darker and darker but the beauty of the Nature impressed me thoroughly.

I am defeated by its beauty.

About 5pm-ish, we went back to our cruise to enjoy our tea time with scenic views.

Deeply in love with Vietnamese Coffee, of course, the views too.

(Pic credit: SpicySharon)

(Pic credit: SpicySharon)

 Dawn. Dinner was served with seafood and other dishes.
Guess the cave exploration drained our energies.
We finished the dishes fast and furious.

 3rd Agenda - Squid Fishing

Trust me, it wasn't easy at all.
Captain told us the weather was too cold for them to be out there.
Wrong season, I guess.

 4th Agenda - Kayaking/ Bamboo Boat at Luon Cave

We chose to explore via bamboo boat (not rowed by us, of course) because I had no partner to do kayaking with me.

Breathtaking views.
Nothing more, nothing less.

 5th Agenda - Hands-on experience of learning how to wrap Vietnamese Roll

I always love a good Vietnamese Roll.
I did not know how to handle the Vietnamese paper wraps until this.
The guide gave us proper guidance and recipe on how to handle them and prepare them. 

This actually inspired me to bring home some Paper Rolls!
Any testers?

To the front, smile and to the left.

This is how you should be wrapping a Vietnamese Roll.
No, I am kidding.

The Vietnamese Pork Rolls are ready to be.....fried.

(Pic credit: SpicySharon)

Last lunch on the cruise before heading back to Hanoi where the  journey took us another few hours.

Back on our bus approximately 2pm to travel back to Hanoi.
Left this beautiful place heavy-hearted.
Would I recommend this?
Yes, definitely. At least one night is required to explore the beauty of Halong Bay.

However, I managed to make friends with a couple from Italy.
We were dining at the same table at all times and we talked about Asian countries.

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