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by - Wednesday, December 27, 2017

 For those who followed me on my Instagram, Oh yes, I just came back from Hanoi, Vietnam.
It was my first trip to Vietnam. 

It was not bad but however, I shall pinpoint some of the things I dislike about Hanoi: -
  • The air quality is quite bad
  • Okay, this is more about our MYR exchange rate. Things are expensive.
  • Their food are not really healthy. A lot of fried food involved.
  • Traffic is really busy and it woke me up every morning. Honks everywhere.
  • That's all, I think.
 This post is mainly about us roaming around the main district of Hanoi - Old Quarter.

 There are a lot of motorcycles and their roads and pathways are really tiny. 

Furthermore, they parked their car literally anywhere like King.

 Opera house.

 A free and easy day means more opportunities for #OOTD.

 Even museum can be my backdrop for #OOTD.

Lotus Seed Beverage 45,000

Surprisingly good and refreshing.
Not too sweet too!

Boiled Bagridae Catfish salad with mixed vegetables and S&S sauce 95,000

(Top) Broken rice with grilled ribs, sausage & thinly shredded pork skin 85,000
(Bottom) Broken rice with fried tuna balls & grilled ribs 75,000

Broken rice with braised fish & thinly shredded pork skin 75,000

Che Xoai Tran Chau 45,000

Basically it is a Coconut Milk dessert with Mango Pudding and Pomelo.

Che Khuc Bach Ngan Nhi Nuoc Yen 40,000

This is Vietnamese dessert which is commonly available.
Each colour carries different flavours.

Hanoi is unique.

It is a combination of old and new.
Old areas + New areas.

Do you know there is a large Citibank located in Old Quarter, Hanoi?

All these are everywhere but remember to bargain.
Of course, please do not low-balling.

When you are in Hanoi, Egg Coffee is a must-try!

Vietnamese Coffee on the bottom, Egg Custard on top.
Do learn from my lesson. I didn't know I have to stir it to combine both of them.

My first sip was "OMG! SO SWEET!" and I only realised it after few sips.

I had more coffee and tea than usual when in Hanoi.
They are simply aromatic and irresistible.


Vietnamese Spring Roll with Pork

It is a very common street food.
I did not provide the details because they are everywhere.
Just try at your own risk because street food always don't seem to be very hygienic. 

A random shot of a kitty.

It was sitting on a chair elegantly while allowing me to take a shot of it.
Beautiful. Simple beautiful.

Banh Mi is commonly available in Hanoi too!

As I said, you have to try to find what you really like.
However, in Hanoi, there is no food court concept where one place has it all.
Each eatery selling only certain type of food.

Stay tuned for the next two (2) posts!

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