(Personal) U-P-D-A-T-E-S 10.10.2017

by - Friday, November 10, 2017

One semester of my post-graduate studies had finally came to an end.
2 more semesters to go. No regrets in signing myself up in this programme.
I learnt a lot in terms of hard skills and soft skills.
Met people from different areas with diverse backgrounds definitely widen up my mind and perspectives.

However, things I would like to update about are: -

#1 Fitness life

I am now even more into fitness.
Taking baby steps learning on how to break through the optimum level.
I even created a separate instagram account just to keep track on my fitness journey or as my fitness log.
Well, I can't be creating a blog post every single time.
I am glad I met my trainer. He taught me a lot, gave me proper guidance and as my CF buddy (Oh yes! finally somebody talked to me at the gym!)

Lift heavier, be happier.

#2 Life in social media

I had toned down a lot on social media and even stopped hiring Facebook page admin.
Why so? I am slowing down in advertorials definitely.
I am seriously considering shutting down my facebook page and just use my Instagram account as my personal account to post whatever I want.

I want to stop caring about what my followers want.
The timing, the day, the topics.

#3 Friendship

My bestie left to Singapore for a permanent position. T.T
Sad. Nobody else could accompany to places I want to go.
Oh life.

#4 Health

My health is under control thus far.
All I need to do is to balance the pressure anticipated by me.

One question - Should I switch to a more private mode i.e. just update pictures on IG and blog (Occasionally)?

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