(Personal) Tips on staying healthy and happy in your late 20's

by - Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I am no longer 18 years old nor 19 years old.
Age is definitely catching but to me, age is just a number.
I believe in aging gracefully and happily instead of letting myself rot and whine over something I can't control a.k.a. Age.

To stay happy and healthy in your late 20's, is it possible?
Oh yes, of course.

Here are some of my tips on how to stay healthy and happy in your late 20's :

1) Workout in the morning

I always prefer working out in the morning than night, especially after work.
Many people are feeling impressed with my routine I set for myself.
I stopped going out late nights for clubs and pubs but I still goes out for wine sessions with friends occasionally. 

It's proven scientifically that working out in the a.m. increases your energy level throughout the day, along with improving your mood and the feeling of accomplishment before you arrive to work. It also gives you extra time and motivation for you to plan your day as well as your meal plans.

2) Manage stress and anxiety

Stress could be one of the factors that speed up the aging process.
Finding your own ways of managing it is crucial in our daily lives.
Different people have different ways, don't try to imitate others' but you may try because it might works on you too.
Like what I always tell my friends or juniors - "Don't try to control something you can't control".

When you reach an age where your body is going through changes and is not bouncing back as it once did, stress and anxiety can actually start to become quite significant issues. It can cause you to gain weight, due to the high levels of cortisol it produces. It can cause illness, prevent pregnancy, and contribute to miscarriage. It can start to really meaningfully impact relationships that are more serious at this age, prevent you from moving up in a career that you should be fairly established in, and it can rub off on your children, who learn coping styles and skills from observations.

 3) Build up your confidence and always be photo-ready

Some may ask why is this important?
When you are feeling confident, you will feel more motivated to finish up stuffs you want to do.
Photo-ready and confidence are inter-related though.
Some may tell me looks are not important.
Let me correct you this.
Looks are not everything but looks are important as first impression and first impression only takes 3 seconds to build it.

My ways of maintaining it are my 5-minute daily makeup look with eyebrow embroidery and simple makeup to enhance my look. 
Of course, remember to smile too. =D

4) Eat healthy

How many times do I have to mention this?
Not everybody should go for Clean Diets by the way, only those who want to lose fats fast.
I personally prefer eating healthily as I get to enjoy scrumptious yummy meals with my friends too. 
I had been through clean diets and I didn't feel happy, even though I managed to lose fats fast enough.
I didn't get to enjoy gatherings with my friends, didn't get to enjoy the yummy food out there.

If I am staying in, I will usually prepare my own food and snacks.
Breakfast is my MOST important meal in a day.
I usually emphasize much on my breakfasts, from overnight oats to big breakfast.
Want to know more about how to eat healthy? You may ask me. 

5) Supplements

Eh? Aren't real food are good and sufficient enough for our daily nutrients requirement?
Do you know a part of the nutrients from your food intake will not be absorbed by your body? 
Supplements are to replenish what our bodies need.

"But....I have no idea what to take!"
You don't have to take every single vitamin you see in the market, just take what is necessary.
I am taking Fish Oil, Calcium pills, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-Complex with Zinc and Probiotics on daily basis.
Know your body, feed it well and it will reward you with good health.

6) Good skin texture

Everybody wants to look young.
Everybody wants to have flawless skin.
Have you maintained your personal skin care routine yet?
I used to have a time-consuming skin care routine until my dermatologist changed it.
My previous skin care routine irritated my skin because I applied too much of products onto my skin.

My current skin care routine is only (1) Washing with Cetaphil and Neogence Facial Brush and (2) Moisturising with CeraVe lotion. 

Inspired by: Reader's Digest (link: HERE)

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