(Personal) She deserves to know why

by - Monday, September 11, 2017

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You led her on. You told her how pretty she looked and you couldn't keep your eye off her.
The long stare into her eyes, the lovely stare at her.
You told her you were attracted to her, you told her.

Both of you never dated each other but you talked to her a lot with the excuse of disturbing her is fun.
From morning till night.
You made her feel special by allowing her to fall for you.
You made her feel special by allocating a chunk of your free time for her.

You treated her as if she meant something to you.
You told her things you never told anybody else.
You gave her hope that you actually cared about her.

You didn't date her but you cuddled her, hugged her, kissed her.
You gave her reasons to believe that there is hope.
Hope is frail, belief is merely shallow. 

Being distant isn't the right way at all.
If you are into an adult, tell her the truth.
If she isn't acting like an adult, at least you know she isn't mature enough for you.

Being distant doesn't solve a single thing in her life but only made her life miserable.
Finding excuses to prolong the shallow fake hope.
Finding excuses to believe that you actually like her.
To fill her empty heart, to fill her empty soul. 

She will try to reinterpret your body language, what you said and how you behave.
She will go insane to find out why.
She will stuck in the situation for a period of time.

She deserves a closure.
She deserves a proper explanation.
She deserves to know why.

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