(Lifestyle) Where to purchase mobile accessories at affordable prices?

by - Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Always wondering where to get accessories for phone brands like Xiaomi, Oppo and more?

I know a lot of people would answer me "Just taobao sajalah!" but hey, imagine if you only want to get ONE cable or casing, you have to gather the items you want to buy to save on bulk postage. Kinda  inconvenient in that sense.

Let me introduce you.....a place that allows you to purchase all the phone brands and phone accessories!


It isn't hard to locate this place at all.
It is located right opposite Murni SS2. Hence, you only have to search for "Murni SS2" to locate this shop!


 No.44, SS2/75,

Operating hours
11am-10pm Daily

Telephone numbers
016-368 8945

Google Map
Did I already mention they also sell all sorts of audio brands?

From JBL, Jabra to Monster.
Their items priced from RM1 to up to RM2,000+, depending on the items you are looking for.

This JBL bluetooth speaker did capture my attention because of the size and shape.
Oops, I accidentally did some window shopping for myself.

This shop has two (2) floors.
Ground floor - Audio brands and phone accessories
First floor - All sorts of phone brands, ranged from Meizu to Motorola.

"Meizu" is everywhere in China.
I was surprised to see this brand available in this shop!

If you are looking for phone, normal to high range, you can visit this shop to compare and purchase.

The first MI Zone will be ready soon at this shop!
Looking for Xiaomi phones? Hehe! Just visit this shop!
Stay tuned!

Please do not confuse with the one in Penang as that is actually MI Home and they do not sell phones there.

Favour Online Shopping?
No problem!
Refer below for their online presences : -

Lazada - click HERE
Facebook page - click HERE
Website - click HERE

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