(Health) Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme review

by - Thursday, September 07, 2017

 I've been one of the loyal consumers for Kinohimitsu Superfood range from their first product to the lady variation.

Many do not know much about this product.
I like the range a lot because it is very beneficial and nutritious to us, definitely recommended for those who want to have good health. 

Stumbled upon this new product - Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme and decided to give it a try.

 What is Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme?

It is a nutritional multigrain beverage that promotes healthy bones, joints and muscles, enabling you to stay active to explore life with excitement and energy regardless of age.

 Benefits : -
• Good for digestive health and promote bowel movement
• Plant source of protein for enhancing muscle strength and body toning
• Good for joint health of its an-inflammatory properties
• Good for nourishing hair & regulating blood pressure
• Good for development of strong bones and teeth & cardiovascular system

 The most common question would be what is the main difference between Kinohimitsu's latest product, Superfood Supreme and their other products within the same range.

It is high in protein, magnesium, Vitamin B12 and it is source of dietary fibre, as well as other necessary nutrients required in our daily lives.

The distinctive ingredients are : -
• Brown Rice
• Isolated Pea Protein
• Mangosteen Fruit Extract
• Black Sesame Seed
• Calcium

  It comes in a standard sealed packaging of 500g.

 2 scoops per serving with 250ml of hot/warm water is good to go.

 Is it very sweet???

If you know me well enough, I dislike something too sweet but hey, this is just nice.
Not really sweet but flavourful and smell really fragrant.

I usually take this during my tea time to last me till my next meal.

Cheers to good health!

Are you ready to embark on your healthy journey?

Where to purchase?
11street sajalah - Link : Click HERE

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