(Beauty) The beauty of eyes with Horien Eye Secret

by - Friday, September 15, 2017

Do you feel jealous when you see other girls with pretty puppy eyes?
Always wanted to try coloured lens but worried about the colours might not suit you?

I decided to give it a try to this brand - Horien Eye Secret after hearing some good reviews about them. I've been an active user of coloured lens since the age of 19. 
Who doesn't want to be pretty, right?

 A little background about Horien Eye Secret

It is actually owned by a Malaysian company named Horien Optic (M) Sdn Bhd. It imports and distributes high quality Taiwan made contact lenses and lens care products under the name of "Horien Eye Secret". 

They emphasize a lot on product safety and users' comfort of wearing their lenses.

The four (4) amazing colours I had chosen : Pink, Gold, Green, Grey

 The four (4) value-added benefits of Horien Eye Secret's coloured lens
  1. Sodium Hyaluronate Trehalose (The perfect natural moisturising formula of HA & Trehalose can preserve moisture and enhance the users' comfort of lens wearing)
  2. Bio-Molecule 3D Wrap Technology (By using the technology, the colour additives are wrapped by HEMA, ensuring the colour additives will not leach out to users' eyes.)
  3. UV Protection Function (Protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays, effectively blocking the UVA and UVB)
  4. Artificial Intellectual (Dual aspheric design technology optimise the lens curve design to achieve comfortable wearing as well as to improve the optical aberrations formed by the traditional spherical lens to allow more comfortable and better vision, especially at dark environment or at night)
 Basic information about the lenses

Material : Polymacon
Water content : 38%
Diameter : 14.2mm
BC : 8.7mm
Validity : 3 months
Colours : Grey, Green, Blue, Pink, Gold
Wide Optical Zone - 7-9mm (Clearer vision without covering out users' eyes)
Bigger Tinted Area (for perfect blooming eyes with confidence)

 *Before trying on the lenses*

I do have extremely-black pupils. Hence, not many coloured lenses are nice on them as the colours usually blend into the colour of my pupils.





Verdict of trying on Horien Eye Secret's coloured lenses

I used to wearing coloured lenses with bigger diameter i.e. 16mm before I got my eyebrow embroidered. However, I was continually searching for comfortable yet pretty coloured lenses with appropriate diameter. I was surprised with the 14.2mm lenses as it made my eyes look bigger but not too big, just the right size. My personal favourite is actually the "Green" as it is very unique on my very-black pupils with a little grey-ish looking.

Did you know if you have dry eyes, the lower the water content, the better for your lens wearing? Thus far, 38% water content is the lowest I could find in the market. Low water content reduces the speed for water loss, preserve water for the eyes longer and keeping the lens moisture for comfortable all-day wearing.

Would I recommend? Definitely!
Visit http://www.eyesecret.com.my/ for more information and pipelines to purchase the gorgeous lenses!

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