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by - Thursday, August 17, 2017

 Being someone who is lactose intolerant is quite suffering most of the time.
I have to check every single ingredient used in the food to ensure no reaction after consuming them.
Or else, hmmm....you wouldn't want to know.

However, I just came back from London not long ago.
I liked how they emphasize so much on intolerance and allergies.
They actually ask dine-in patrons whether or not they have any sort of intolerance or allergies.

Ironic, pretty much.
The supposed-to-be buttered buns of my burger wasn't buttered at all.
Oh yes, healthier and yummier (actually yes!).

Here comes my first post on my trip to London.
Shall kick start with food, food and more food!

 #1 : Pret A Manger

This is a no brainer for whoever been to London.
They are everywhere. They are healthy.
Salads, wraps, sandwiches and more.
Guess what? They are considered as "Fast Food" too.

Wonder why can't Malaysia brings in the similar concept?
Perhaps Malaysians dislike Cold Food.

 Tuna salad with Egg and Olive.

 #2 : Superfood Bar

Tried this near Oxford Street.
What are they selling? Acai bowl.
Acai is being categorised as Superfruit as it contains lots of beneficial vitamins and nutrients.
It was actually quite filling.
Sweet and savoury at the same time.
I must say this is pretty good.

 Sweetness came from the fruits and the base - Acai Smoothie whereas the savoury was from the Peanut Butter.

 Greedy me ordered the "Large" instead of "Regular".

 #3 : Abokado

This is another kind of "Healthy Fast Food" that combines both concepts of Japanese and Western.
They sell Poke bowls, sandwiches, wraps, sushi and more.

 #4 : Berries, berries everywhere

How can you not have their fresh berries?
Dirt cheap and it was the cherry season!
Oh yes, berries everyday. =P

 #5 : Burger & Lobster

They have quite a number of outlets in London.
I know. There is one located at Sky Avenue, Genting but I would prefer to have the original version.

 (Top) Chicken & Lobster burger
(Bottom) Steamed Lobster with sides

 It....was so delicious!
The moisture is locked in the flesh with not much of seasonings needed.
Definitely fresher than the one I tried at Sky Avenue, Genting.
No brainer.

 #6 : Costa Coffee

Coffee every morning to boost our energy.
Love the option of switching it to Soy Milk instead of Milk.

Do you know how do they usually order Latte with Soy Milk?
"Skinny Latte, please."

 #7 : Honest Burgers

This place is located at Notting Hill.
Their specialties are their home-made hand-made burgers with Rosemary chips as side.

Would I recommend this place?

 (Top) Vegan - Cauliflower patty with Turmeric and more
(Bottom) Chicken

#8 : Hummus Bros

I wasn't a fan of Hummus until I traveled to London.
So good!
This place serves good HUMMUS BOWL.
Yes, you heard me right. Hummus Bowl.

 It depends on what you order as your main.
Basically the hummus is being spread out along your bowl with your main in the middle.

 Ordered their chicken cutlets and of course, corn chips.
Corn chips and hummus? PURRRRRFECT combination, I must say.

 #9 : Leon

This is also "Healthy Fast Food" but focuses on Mediterranean style.
Ordered Black Beans with Italian Rice, as well as a bowl of Avocado Hummus.

Hummus ftw!

 #10 : Unsweetened Almond Milk

This brand of Almond Milk is very affordable in London.
Less than 2 pounds for one litre.
You may opt for the sweetened version but I personally prefer it to be unsweetened.

 #11 : Patisserie Valerie

What is London with their signature Cream Tea set?

 Cream Tea set consists of 2 scones with Clotted Devon cream and assorted fruit jam, as well as your selection of tea.

 Guilty as much.

I had to control the amount of scones and cream I ate.
Too good!
The cream is not overwhelming but complements the scones with fragrant buttery aroma and taste.
Best scones thus far.

 #12 : Simple Healthy Kitchen

Found this place near Madame Tussuads with all the yummy healthy options.
Their concept is more towards the Mediterranean style but hey, I do not mind as it is healthy and yummy at the same time.

We get to pick and choose our food.
My selections : Turkey Patty with Cranberry sauce, Pesto Wholewheat Pasta, Kale and Broccoli

Cheers to more cups of good coffee!

Stay tuned for more posts on my trip to London yo!

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