(Food) Bored of hawker food in Penang? Try these 6 spots for food!

by - Thursday, August 10, 2017

I have to mention this is a non-sponsored food review. I paid for the food I tried.

My tanned skin is stuck with me for a reason.
I am actively roaming at outside for sports, traveling or etc. 
However, I just came back from a different Penang food trip.
Why is it different?

I chose to have other kinds of food, other than the typical hawker food which the locals are already bored of them.

Summarised and listed down 6 of the food spots that you have to try in Penang (Non-hawker).
Let the list begins! 
(Not in specific order)

 #1 on the list : Loaf U, Penang

Found this place through friend's instagram post.
Find it quite uniquely designed and I always love toasts.
Hence, I paid a visit to this place when I first arrived in Penang.

 Loaf U

22, Lebuh Melayu, George Town, Malaysia

Operating Hours
8am till 5pm Daily, except for Friday

Facebook Page

Google Map

Beautifully presented on the mini wooden chairs.

#2 on the list : Yume No Matcha, Penang

I didn't know about this place until somebody told me about it.
I am definitely a fan of Matcha, especially when it comes to good Matcha desserts.
Apparently this Matcha dessert kiosk is famous in Penang.

This is the best Matcha Parfait I ever tasted thus far.
The balance between the sweetness and the bitterness of Matcha, along with the combination of the ingredients.

Yume No Matcha

71,Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim, 11600 Georgetown, Penang
Operating Hours
12pm till 6pm Daily, except for Friday

Facebook Page

Google Map

#3 on the list : Jawi House, Penang

How about some Peranakan Food to challenge our taste buds?

Mango Kerabu as our starter.

Very flavourful with generous amount of dried shrimps and peanut powder.

To ease my digestion, I ordered Lemongrass Ginger Tea.

This is my favourite of all.

Laksa Lemak.

Jawi House Cafe Gallery

85 Lebuh Armenian, Penang, Malaysia

Operating Hours
11am till 9.30pm Daily, except for Tuesday

Facebook Page

Google Map

#4 on the list : Bukit Genting, Penang

Did you know there is a place named Bukit Genting in Penang?

 Bukit Genting Hill Leisure Park and Restaurant


Operating Hours
 11.30am till 10.30pm Daily

Google Map 

No fine dining but Thai Food.
The prices aren't too expensive with acceptable taste for the food.

Food wise is not too bad but could be better.

This is the highlight of the dinner.
Above is taken at 6.30pm;
Below is taken at 7.15pm.

#5 on the list : The Mugshot Cafe, Penang

It is on the must-go cafe list.
Why not?

Each bagel sandwich is freshly prepared by hands.

The Mugshot Cafe

302 Chulia Street, George Town, Malaysia.

Operating Hours
8am till 12am Daily

Facebook Page

Google Map

Came here during breakfast time.
Ordered my all-time favourite Soy Latte. Chelsea Bun and Bagel.

The Mugshot Cafe doesn't serve plain bagel but you may purchase them from the shop beside.
Yes, they allow that.

Trust me, the bagel is heaven.
I love my bagel.

Bacon and Egg Bagel Sandwich.

Worth it? I doubt so.

#6 on the list : Kai Curry Bar, Penang

Seriously? Japanese Curry in Penang?
Read on to find out why!

This place is named after the owner's son with the name "Kai".
They have the motto of only serving food that they would share with their loved ones.

Everything on the menu is prepared from scratch with the best quality of locally-sourced fresh ingredients.

This place clearly illustrated the love from parents to their son by using the son's sketches as decorations for the restaurant.

All meals come with a complimentary side dish and a cup of Roasted Barley Tea.

Pork Hamburg Curry Rice with Sauteed Shimeji (Pork Curry Base)

Yes, you have the option to choose for the curry base.
The Pork Hamburg is cooked to perfection.
The curry gravy is definitely satisfying to my liking.

Crumbed Prawn Curry Udon (Vegetarian Curry Base)

Vegetarian Curry Base is rich in the tomatoes. A little sour but not overwhelming.
I like it and guess what, I finished the gravy.
Guilty but satisfied.


Different people have different preference.
Some may say "Penang is all about Hawker Food!".
Just my two-cents.
Thanks for your support.
Read on! 


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