(Event) Wow! Taiwan Selects @ KLCC

by - Saturday, August 12, 2017

 Always impressed with the types of products Taiwanese able to produce, from beauty to electronics.
All kinds, no kidding.

 I was lucky enough to be invited to this launch of "Wow! Taiwan Selects" which was held at Suria KLCC, from 11 August 2017 till 13 August 2017.

With the theme of "Beat Your Heart", this event is aimed to allow the visitors to experience the "Made-in-Taiwan" phenomenon by bringing in the Taiwanese brands that have yet to introduce to Malaysia.
Some of the participating brands areas below : -


Bamboo Charcoal Peanuts, Rice Roll, Loquat Q Lozenges and more.


Gold Leaf Lime Energizing Black Mask, Pore Refining Whitening Mask, Ultra Rejuvenate Mask and more.


Master Pepper Cracker, Fruit Jelly, Throat Candy, Baked Wheat Cookie and more.


HTC VIVE and VR ONE 7RE, both are awesome gaming gadgets.


Botanical Fermented Enzyme Liquid, Ginseng Skin Mask and more.


Dried Fruit & Fruit and Vegetables Chips.


Intensive Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, Microinject Hydrating Mask with Hyaluronic Acid, Intensive Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid and more.


Black Pearl Brightening Mask, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera Soothing Mask and more.


K21 Probiotic, Echinacea Capsules (Vitamin C Plus), KOKOKG Weight Loss Package and more.


Black Sesame Cereal, Lotus Root Almond Drink, Ginger Tea and more.

 A little about Wow! Taiwan Selects

It is a regional marketing program commissioned by the Foreign Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs which is established to assist the Taiwan Businesses to enter into the ASEAN and Indian markets.

The main aim of this program is to continually build strong networks and relationships with the overseas buyers. Based on the current trend and consumer versatile lifestyles, the event is organised each year with different themes.

Taiwan's famous "Little Traffic Light Man", the cute animated traffic signal that tells pedestrians around Taiwan when it is safe to cross and when it is not.

Interested to pay a visit?

Do drop by at Suria KLCC Centre Court, from 11 August 2017 till 13 August 2017, 10am till 10pm.

For more information, do visit http://www.wowtaiwanselects.tw/2017/

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