(Beauty event) SWANICOCO is finally in Malaysia!

by - Sunday, July 23, 2017

To have a naturally glowing skin, skin care is one of the main contributors.
Of course, not forgetting the diet, consuming more fruits and vegetables as well as water will definitely help too.

When it comes to skin care, I believe in natural skin care that is beneficial to our skin instead of damaging our skin. 
I have a very sensitive skin. Hence, I am very particular when it comes to skin care selections.

I got to know this famous Korean brand named SWANICOCO just not long ago and was attracted by their naturally fermented products.
SWANICOCO is well-known globally for its delicate natural cosmetics but do you know they started off by producing high quality naturally fermented soaps?

SWANICOCO is originally founded in Korea and it is famous of its BIO Fermentation technology which the particles of the cosmetics become smaller, thereby enhancing their absorption rate on the skin.

SWANICOCO uses grains, fruits, vegetables, and Korean medicinal herbs as ingredients for fermentation, and integrates biotechnology into eco-friendly natural components to help improve the skin. 

Below are some of the SWANICOCO's key product range: -

 A.C Control

Suitable for acne-prone, oily and neutral skin types

 Intensive Vital Swan Cream & Extra Hydrating Swan Cream

Suitable for all types of skin, including oily and complex skin types

 Bitamin C Calm Down Skin Toner & Emulsion as well as the Multi Solution Triple-V Ampoule

Suitable for all skin types, especially for those who want to have healthy glowing skin.

 Bitamin E Extra Matt Skin Toner & Emulsion as well as the RH-EGF Pure Ampoule

 Bitamin E Extra Matt Skin Toner & Emulsion is suitable for oily or combination skin types with fresh care whereas the RH-EGF Pure Ampoule is suitable for all skin types.

 Gold Plant Steam Pure Ampoule

Suitable for all skin types, especially for those who want to restore their skin elasticity and to have a healthier and moistured skin.

 I personally tried it and I really like the Extra Hydrating Swan Cream.

The particles are small as mentioned above. Hence, it is easier for our skin to absorb it.
Always feed our skin with something beneficial and our skin will love us back for sure.

Skin consultant gave us a brief introduction on each of SWANICOCO's product and he gave me a brief analysis.

Yes, he was right.
Time for more hydration.

Wonder where to get them from?

Just visit selected Watsons outlets!
Hint hint : KLCC, Pavilion, 1 Utama, Sky Avenue and more. *wink*
For more information, do check out their Facebook page (Link : HERE).

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