(Gadget) iPhone 6 vs iPhone 7

by - Monday, June 19, 2017

As you know, I hopped from iPhone 4 to iPhone since 2 years ago when iPhone 6 first launched in Singapore.

Since then, I am hooked onto my iPhone 6 more than ever for my social, my work (used to work full-time), my part-time job as a blogger and more.

Yes, I can't live without my phone, definitely.
One day without my iPhone is like a day without the bright light. (Alright, I am exaggerating XD)
But seriously, you won't be able to imagine the life without phone.

BUT......I made a wrong choice.

 I bought 16GB of iPhone 6 because it was the cheapest option of all.
I am struggling with the limited leftover storage every single day.
Forced to delete all the photos from my phone after transferring them to cloud storage.
Forced to delete the update I am supposed to update for my iOS.
Forced to keep only necessary apps on my iPhone 6.
Forced to remove all the games from my iPhone 6.
Every day, the same routine. 
Round and round it goes.

I am considering.
To upgrade my iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 with bigger storage or not to upgrade.
With my budget constraint, buying a new iPhone 7 is definitely a pain.
I had done a summarised table of comparison between both iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 to justify my decision to upgrade or not to upgrade.

Wise consumer eh? *wink*

So, what say you?
Should I? or should I not?

However, I also found a place that sells affordable iPhone 7 online!
Life savior! 
I came across "Carousell" when I was trying to find the cheapest iPhone 7 online!
They are on website and mobile app.

 I always love to use apps with friendly interface.
It definitely ease our way of searching for items we want to purchase.

 Carousell allows me to search from a wide range of options and of course, to compare prices between different sellers even though the prices on Carousell are relatively cheaper than retail prices.

For a full-time post-graduate student, saving money is the key yo!
I am glad Carousell able to assist me in that.

Came down to this final option.
I always like my phone in Gold.
GOLD, not rose gold.

256GB should be able to last me for years?
I will never choose 16GB anymore.
Lesson learnt. *cross fingers*

Both Carousell website and mobile app are safe to use. By signing up as a Carousell's member, you are buying from your fellow community, at the same time, you are actually supporting each other in the process. 

You must be thinking "How about your existing iPhone 6?" 
Nothing is impossible. Just sell it off at Carousell LAH! *Malaysian accent*

Have stuff to buy or sell?
Head off to https://my.carousell.com/ now to check it out yo!


download the mobile app from Apple store or Google Play Store now!  

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