(Food) Sojurita, Beerita & Fried Chicken Wings at Chicken Up, SS15

by - Tuesday, June 06, 2017

As I ever mentioned, I actually indulge in almost every kind of food.
I love food and I won't deny it.

As for this time, I shall bring you all into the world of Korean Fried Chicken Wings and other yummy food!

Chicken Up is Singapore's No.1 Korean Fried Chicken parlor which has been there for seven (7) years as of now.

Recently, Chicken Up decided to embark its first step into Malaysian market by opening an outlet at SS15 Subang.

Every corner of this shop is perfect for an instagram shot.

Not hard to spot some green plants and leaves in the shop compound.

What do u think this is?

Correct, it is Chicken Up's icon - Chicken Feet.

Chicken Up Subang Jaya

No.7, 7-1, 7-2, Jalan SS15/4E, 57500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Operating Hours
Monday - Thursday 11.30am till 10.30pm
Friday - Sunday 11.30am till 11.00pm

Facebook Page

Google Map

Chicken Salad

The portion is generous but the taste isn't stand out enough.
However, it is great for sharing and for those who want to boost their daily vegetables intake.

The top-selling dishes are listed as below: -
(Not in specific order)

Yangnyum Chicken Wings

Yangnyum Chicken Wings are marinated with fragrant seasoning and deep fried to perfection.
The wings are coated with Chicken Up's in-house sweet chili sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

You may choose the level of spiciness you desire.
The one we tried is non-spicy.
The sauce is really appertizing and deliciously attractive. 
You would want to have more than one.

Ugly Tang Stew

This is actually Chicken Up's version of Korean Army Stew.
It consists of a variety of ingredients, from the typical sausages, ham to the unique Smoked Duck.
The Smoked Duck is the bomb. Smoked to perfection and added a little flavour to the stew.

Ugly Tang Stew is great for sharing between 3 to 4 pax as the portion is quite generous.

Pink Guava

A little similar to ice blended.
Cute-shaped bottle is definitely instagrammable.

Barley Tea

How can I not have Korean Barley Tea at a Korean Restaurant?

Yangpa Bomb

This is great as snacks.
It is actually a Fried Onion with its layers being sliced perfectly to create the beautiful flower.
We love this a lot.
The onion ain't too dry but sweet instead after the deep-frying process.

Ganjang (Soya) Chicken Wings

Ganjang Chicken Wings are prepared using a garlic-soya based blend of deep-fried Korean Chicken recipe coated in sweet batter that is better in locking in the flavours.

It is deep fried to perfection and coated with Chicken Up's 5 special soy sauce blends.
Juicy, tender and a little sweet, of course, crispy.

One piece is never enough to satisfy.

Are you ready to feast with me?

Seafood and Green Onion Pancake (Haemul Pajeon)

This is irresistible with the mix of the ingredients : Scallions, Green Onion leaves and Seafood.
It is one of the popular snacks in Korea.

(Left) Sea Breeze; (Right) Lychee Beerita
RM48 each

The innovative idea of turning the bottle upside down in every goblet is really fun.
As you take each sip, slightly lift up the bottle to add more alcohol into your drinks.

They are fruity, subtly sweet and refreshing.
If you are into something more alcoholic and refreshing, you may choose the one on the left, Sea Breeze as it is infused with Soju.
However, for those who prefers something milder and sweeter, you may opt for Lychee Beerita.

Snow Squid Topokki

It comprises soft rice cakes, fish cakes with sweet chili paste (Gochujang) and a deep fried breaded squid on top of it.
However, it also come with a variety of side dishes at the side of the hot pan, like steamed egg, kimchi fried rice and more.

This is great for sharing as the portion is really huge.
For those who love spicy food, this is for you.
Flavourful, intense taste and worth your every penny.

The satisfaction when the breaded squid coated with the gravy.
Almost forgot to mention that the side dishes are yummy too, especially the kimchi fried rice.

Melon Bingsu

Our meal ended with Melon Bingsu.
Ice cold dessert is always great after a spicy feast.
Chicken Up's Bingsu are made of frozen milk mushed finely together with fruit toppings on its shell.

It is visually appealing or should I say instagrammable?
And taste good at the same time.
The portion is huge, remember to share with your companions.

(From left to right) Yours truly, Renee and Jenny.

Yours truly and Brandon.

Good food are meant for sharing.
I am glad to be able to share with my friends.

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