(Fashion) Featuring one of my favourite fashion pieces - Handbag from Mizzue Malaysia

by - Monday, June 26, 2017

 If you ever wondered what is my favourite fashion piece, I would say handbags.
I do care how my handbag complements my outfit of the day.
I would make effort to switch to another bag of mine just to ensure it actually complements my look.

 Discovered this brand via Facebook long ago.
Became one of their fans since then.
Always love the quality of their bags with affordable prices.
Definitely a good buy, especially for students like us.

Guess where?
No other place but mizzue Malaysia (Link: HERE)

 Chose this bag with the name of "Taryn Beckert" in the colour of Burgundy.
(Link: HERE)
I like the concept of "grab and go" as it is very versatile.
You can keep your notes, pens, wallet and etc in this bag without any hassle.

 I always like gold-tone hardware with leather finishing.
Classy yet casual.
The best part about this bag is it is a 2-in-1 handbag!
You can either use them with the crossbody bag in the bag OR you can use them separately.

Bag in bag, why not?

 Hold it on your shoulder? No problem.

Hold it as shown in photo above? No problem at all.

Time to start your handbag shopping!
Website: HERE
Facebook Page: HERE
Instagram: HERE

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