(Event) California Raisins Raya Manis + Bloggers' Challenge

by - Wednesday, June 21, 2017

In conjunction with the upcoming festive season, Hari Raya, the Raisin Administrative Committee ("RAC") has introduced a variety of nutritious and delicious recipes using the California Raisins.

I was honoured enough to be invited to this event to learn more about raisins.
Raisins are everywhere, from desserts to dishes.
Of course, raisins are actually my childhood snacks too.
I remember eating them almost every single day, delicious yet nutritious.

On the other side of event place, some of desserts infused with raisins were being displayed on the display table.

The star of the day - Raisins

***Tips: Do you know the Golden Raisins and the Raisins are actually produced using the same species of grapes?***

The champion team will get to walk away with RM1,200 cash prize.

No, we, the Raisin Maidens didn't win it.
However, we enjoyed the process and the fun of working together.

Yours truly with the Raisin mascot.

Ok, it is actually kinda scary.

Raisins are the cheapest dried fruits but people are not fully utilizing it for its great benefits.
Obtaining sufficient amount of good nutrients is actually the best approach to prevent diseases and maintain good health.

Raisins are versatile.
It can be used as paste, decorations or even taste enhancer because of its natural sweetness.

Chef Rohani Jelani showed us on how to prepare two (2) pastries/ dishes using the California Raisins.

The first recipe - Makmur Cookies

Second recipe - Sambal with California Raisins and Bunga Kantan

California Raisins organised a mini Bloggers' Challenge for us to showcase our skills in preparing dishes/ desserts infusing raisins.

The time given to prepare is one (1) hour.
We named ourselves the "Raisins Maidens".

Want to guess what were these wine glasses for?

Some of ingredients to use if we desire to.

Brownies were baked to almost perfection but due to the time constraint, mistake occurred but we managed to solve it together as a team.

The power of teamwork speaks.

Raisin Maidens' masterpiece - Bella Vita

Bella Vita is actually in Italian with the meaning of Beautiful Life.
The layers of this layered dessert indicate the taste of life - sweet, sour, a little bitter and tensed.

The layers are made up of: -
  • EggieYeen ala Brownies with Walnuts and Raisins
  • Whipped Cream infused with Mashed Raisins
  • Sprinkled with Cocoa Powder, Walnut Powder and Raisins

EggieYeen with our team's masterpiece

Meet the Raisin Maidens.

EggieYeen, Kelly, Rachell and Tenshi.

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