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by - Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Have you ever encountered problem finding reliable and up-to-date information on buying and selling your used car and/or purchasing new cars?

Well, I do.

I don’t know which sites are reliable and up-to-date, so I used to rely on my luck, especially for used cars.
We’d always pray for the best when it came to purchasing a used car because we didn’t have sufficient information on the used car.
 Have you ever heard of Carlist.my?

Carlist.my is Malaysia’s number 1 car news site, with a catalogue of over 180,000 new and used cars for sale. To facilitate the easier process of buying and selling a car, Carlist.my has released a mobile application for potential car buyers and sellers. It is available for download on Android and Apple.

Thanks to the Carlist.my mobile application, I am able to search for information anytime, anywhere.
Here are some of my favourite features of the Carlist.my mobile application (not in specific order): -

Point #1 : Loan Calculator

Thanks to this convenient feature, buyers can now calculate their monthly installments easily, without any hassle.

 Point #2 : User Friendly Interface

When it comes to searching for information on cars, it is always the most cumbersome things to do.
With the Carlist.my application, users only have to insert the name of the car models they desire to search for.
If you want to be even more specific on the car model, you can further filter the search results.

A few clicks and that's it!

 Point #3 : Guidance for Newbies

Some might say they have no idea how to start the entire buying and selling process of cars.
Hey! Carlist.my mobile application comes with user guides to guide you step-by-step, from car test drive to car servicing.

No worries at all!

 Point #4 : Chat Rooms

This feature is one of the Carlist.my app’s most innovative feature as it provides a convenient in-app chat platform for buyers and sellers to discuss about the car sale.

Buyers and sellers need not communicate via emails the old way anymore.

 Point #5 : Reviews on Cars

This is another innovative feature as Carlist.my provides reviews on a wide range of car models.
Reviews help buyers in making their decisions on purchasing cars as they often hesitate.

Besides, it can also serve as a knowledge library for other users who may not be keen to buy but would love to know more about other car models.

Carlist.my is a simple mobile application that ease our lives, so why don't you download it and start using it now?

Buying and selling cars is no longer a hassle with Carlist.my. What say you?

Safe, Convenient, Reliable. 


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To download the mobile application: -

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