(Food) Mak's Chee Authentic Wonton is now in Pavilion Elite!

by - Thursday, May 04, 2017

 Mak's Chee is a quick casual restaurant that serves authentic Hong Kong style Wonton noodles by using the 100 year old recipe from the famous Mak's Family which is originated from a street-side eatery back in Guangzhou way before World War II.

Since then, the popularity of the Mak's name grew and spread out in Hong Kong.
In early 2016, Mak's Chee opened its first outlet in Malaysia at 1 Utama.
However, in April 2017, Mak's Chee opened its second outlet at Pavilion Elite, level 7.

In conjunction with the opening of its second outlet, Mak's Chee is introducing a new delectable limited edition promotional dish - Swiss Chicken Leg.

Soup Noodle
Noodles are made very finely and served with a hot soup. To avoid the noodle from getting too soggy, patrons are encouraged to consume it immediately.

Dry Noodle
Mixed with Mak's Chee special soy sauce moderately to bring out the flavour of their homemade noodle.

 As one of the first batch of media to review on their food and beverages, below are the photos taken and some personal feedback on the food I tried.

Mak's Chee Authentic Wonton 

Level 7, Pavilion Elite

Operating hours
10am till 10pm Daily

Google Map

 Sweet & Sour Pork Dry Noodle 
(S) RM12.90 (L) RM14.90

This is one of those Chef's recommendations.
It is recommended for those who prefer their noodle with some gravy.

 Prawn Roe Dry Noodle
(S) RM12.90 (L) RM14.90

This is one of the Chef's recommendations.
This is also my personal preference!
I like how the prawn roe complements the noodle.

The sun-dried prawn roe is exclusively imported from Hong Kong.
Prawn roe itself isn't as salty as I thought it would but fragrant and flavourful.

 The homemade noodles from Mak's Chee is springy and not as oily as the usual wanton noodle we could get from the usual hawker stalls.

 Braised Beef Tendon &Brisket
(S) RM19.90 (L) RM29.90

This is one of the must-order side dishes if you fancy beef.
Tender, delicious and flavourful.

 Deep Fried Wonton & Dumpling
(S) [4+2 pcs] RM16.90 (L) [6+3 pcs] RM23.90

Snacks? Side dishes?
Order these!
The thin wonton and dumpling skin wrapped with the juicy, delicious savoury filings.

 Beef Tendon & Brisket Soup Noodle
(S) RM13.90 (L) RM15.90

This is one of the Chef's recommendations.
For those who fancy beef noodle, feel free to order this.

Tips: You may add beef sauce into the soup to boost the flavour and make your soup more appertizing and extra yummy!

 Swiss Chicken Leg
RM9.90 (Limited time offer!)

It is only available from 04/05/2017 till 31/07/2017.
This is definitely recommended by me!
Each thigh is slow-cooked with sweet soy sauce and a blend of herbs and spices.
The name "Swiss" is actually not related to Switzerland but a local Hong Kong recipe.

 Blogger Elana and your truly definitely love the Swiss Chicken Leg!

 Double the pictures, double the love for the Swiss Chicken Leg.

 Besides the ala-carte Swiss Chicken Leg, there are another two options to choose from with the price starting from RM9.90 per plate.

Here's the Swiss Chicken Leg Dry Noodle.

Swiss Chicken Leg Rice with Sunny Side-up Egg

If you feel like having rice instead, you may opt for this option.

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