(Personal) To the left or to the right?

by - Wednesday, April 19, 2017

How is it like for taking the first step to be out of your comfort zone?

Recently, I made a decision to step out of my comfort zone.
I had been working in this company as my first job till now for approximately 3 years plus.
Decided to pursue my higher education by opting for Masters.
It wasn't an easy decision to be made because it does require courage and sacrifices.
A lot.

Some said, it is merely an opportunity cost.
It depends on how you weighed it. 
Some think pursuing further studies isn't really important, some said it is important.
To me, it is my personal goal.
Of course, I understood clearly that pursuing Masters doesn't make you one level higher than others who don't.

Frankly speaking, I have mixed feelings between excited and worried.
I read this book named "Who moved my cheese?".
It illustrates clearly on how people are afraid of changes.
There are four (4) characters in the book, two (2) little humans and two (2) mice. 
Little humans and mice are after the mountain of cheese in a maze.
Little humans are happy with what they have and are afraid of changes because they often over-analysed situation whereas the mice couldn't care much and just keep going on by noticing on the changes around them.

Long story short, mice or little humans?
Pros and cons.

Which path should I go to?
I guess I am just going to follow the flow since decision is made, I just have to go on with what had been decided.


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