(Gadget) Experience on Redmi Note 4

by - Sunday, April 09, 2017

It's my first try on Android phones, frankly speaking.
I was allowed to have my first hands-on experience on Redmi Note 4.
I am quite impressed on the extensive range of products that Xiaomi able to offer and this phone is one of it.
I started joining the band wangon of Xiaomi since the time when I was attached in China for three (3) months for work.
The convenience and quality of products really got me onto it.

However, I certainly impressed by the Gold Classy Outer Metal Coating to match with my daily style.

Read on to find out more about this phone.

What I like about Redmi Note 4:

Reason #1 - Sleek and Modern design

As I mentioned above, the design and outer metal coating really impressed me.
I always like my phones to be GOLD, like classy Gold.

This phone really did it. Good job, Redmi Note 4!

Reason #2 - User friendly interface

Even though I am kind of a technology junkie but I have too many tasks on hand that I will not have time to learn the functions of a new phone from scratch, hence Redmi Note 4 is what I need.

You can still choose to personalise the phone if you would like to do so because it is still Android-based OS no matter what.

To personalise your Xiaomi Phones' themes, you may download the theme you desire from the application named "Themes".

I absolutely love mine!
Refer below for a screenshot of the application.

Reason #3 - Fingerprint sensor support

Imagine how convenient it is to have fingerprint sensor.
Want to use your phone? Scan your fingerprint and your phone is unlocked!

Impressed with the optimal fingerprint sensitivity too.
If it's too sensitive, it is not good too because you might end up with a lot of incidental activities on your phone.

Reason #4 - 5MP front camera with beautify function

Who doesn't like a good selfie that you do not have to edit much?
Especially when you want to have a quick wefies with your bunch of friends, this phone comes in handy.

Just switch to front camera and TADA! Auto-beautify!
It is applicable to the rear camera too, but you would have to manually switch it to beauty mode!

Reason #5 - Octa-core processor

In the current market environment, everything is all about fast and convenient.
Phones are required to be fast too!

This is how we compete with other people in this world.
Fast in replying emails, fast in updating news on our social media platforms, fast in editing photos on phone.


Reason #6 - 13MP rear camera with PDAF

When I was tumbled upon "PDAF", it rang my curiosity bell.

What is "PDAF"? 
Accordingto Google, PDAF uses a sensor placed in the light path created by the mirror. It works basically the same way with any DSLR, or single lens reflex camera, like the E-5. It uses two sensor points to detect the phase difference in the light path and find the exact distance.

In a way, it has a quick auto focus and I will never have to miss any moments!
It allows to capture pictures whenever I go to make quick updates across my social media platforms.

Speaking of convenience, this phone does help me in that sense.
Speaking of picture quality, camera is of course better but it is kind of cumbersome to transfer ONE (1) picture to make quick update.
Hence, this phone does come in handy to solve the situation.

Reason #7 - 5.5" FHD display with 4100 maH battery

Sometimes I would do some reading on my phone or even play some games, hence wide screen size is really useful for me as I do not need to pop my eyes out just to look at the small fonts on the small screen size.

Alright, here comes another JARGON!

What is FHD?
According to Google, 1080p (1920×1080 px; also known as full HD or FHD and BT.709) is a set of HDTV high-definition video modes characterized by 1080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution; the p stands for progressive scan, id est non-interlaced.

Alright, too technical.
In layman terms, it simply means BETTER screen resolution.
Round of applause please. =P

Large battery capacity too!
It is able to last me for quite a few days!

Sample pictures taken using Redmi Note 4

Below are some pictures taken using Redmi Note 4, some are posted on my Facebook Page or Instagram Account. 

Well, if you have yet to follow me. Feel free to do so. All the links are on >>>>

 Picture #1 - Selfie with the 5MP front camera

 Picture #2 - Meat, meat everywhere

 Picture #3 - Note to myself: Eat clean, live green

 Picture #4 - Tea pot, tea cups

 Picture #5 - Black tea Macchiato from Koi The

Picture #6 - Not-so-hidden corner in Kuala Lumpur

Short video review
However, a short video review was done by yours truly.
*First time!!!*

Wonder where to get Redmi Note 4 at below RM1,000?
Check out the Official Xiaomi's Online store on Lazada (http://www.lazada.com.my/mistore/


Visit any stores stated on the list (bit.ly/belimyredminote4)

Latest updates
Another variant of Redmi Note 4 (4GB RAM with 64GB ROM) will be available soon! Stay tuned on the updates on https://fb.com/XiaomiMalaysia

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