(Fitness tips) How to choose your durable sportswear?

by - Sunday, March 26, 2017

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Nope, this is not a sponsored post.
It is merely something I read on Magazine when I was on my flight back from Cambodia.
I wanted to share this for a long time with my readers on how to choose your sportswear.

It is not about brands nor prices but the durability.
How durable are your sportswear?
A good set of sportswear can provide the ultimate comfort and enhance your performance.

Point #1: The Stitches
The standard measurement for sportswear should be 12-14 stitches per inch and the seam should be flat or overlocked, instead of running stitch. How to test the durability? Stretch it lengthwise to test it. If you hear a snapping sound, forget about it.

Point #2: Spongey
Your fitness wear must be breathable and moisture-wicking (the ability to draw the perspiration away from your skin) so that you stay cool and comfortable during your exercises. How to test it? Place a drop of water on the attire to observe its absorption rate. The quicker it is, the better the fabric quality.

Point #3: Stretching Exercise
How to test the quality? Stretch it to test it. The quicker it is to revert to its original state, the better the quality.

Point #4: Modern Marvels
Compression garments are great options in sportswear as it is being engineered to support the muscles and joints by keeping them in place. It also reduce injury recovery time and improve in circulation and minimise muscle wear and tear during your workouts.

(Source: 3Sixty Magazine)
These are the points I would like to share with you all.
Have no idea where to kick start your fitness journey?
Choose a good quality of sportswear!

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