(Travel) What to do and what to eat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

by - Thursday, February 02, 2017

Not long ago, I went to Siem Reap, Cambodia for a vacation.

A lot of people asked me "why would you even want to visit Cambodia?"
My answer was "Why not? We should visit Angkor Wat at least once in a lifetime!"

Alright, let me share some of the tips and information of this trip.

Suorkear Boutique Hotel
(Inclusive of Daily Buffet Breakfast, Airport transfer, Transport to Pub Street/ Old Market)
RM320 per pax for 3 nights

Air Asia
Round trip - RM200-300

Sim Card
USD6 for 3.5GB data
Bought at Airport

Van Rental
Tonlesap (Floating Market) + Angkor Wat
USD145 for 3 days
6 pax - each pax around USD26 per pax for 3 days


#1 Visit Floating Market of Cambodia

To experience the authentic lives of the fishermen, it is great to visit the local places, like floating villages.

Unlike Thailand, their floating villages ain't that commercialised with a lot of floating stores awaiting for you.

Entrance fee
USD20 + USD5 per pax

Be careful of those floating "stalls", you might be forced to purchase something but I kind of fortunate to be able to escape.


#2 Visit Beng Mealea a.k.a. Mini Angkor Wat

Since it is on the way and one of the must-visit places, we decided to pay a visit to Mini Angkor Wat before visiting the Angkor Wat.

Entrance fee

#3 Drink affordable liquor at Pub Street & shop for some local made stuff at Old Market

The liquor is really cheap, as low as USD0.75 for a pint of Cambodian beer!
Oh yes, the liquor is way cheaper than FRESH FRUIT JUICE.

There are some restaurants, pubs and clubs along Pub Street.
We went to have dinner for three consecutive nights for our dinner because a lot of different local cuisines for us to try.
#4 Sunrise at Angkor Wat (visit too, of course)

Catching sunrise at the magnificent Angkor Wat is a must but trust me, TONS of tourists blocking the scenic view.

If you want to capture the perfect sunrise shot, I would suggest you to choose a non-peak day to come.

Entrance fee
USD20 per pax for one-day pass
USD40 per pax for three-day pass

We booked a tour to visit these temples which lumped it up as Tour to Angkor Wat.

Angkor Wat area is a huge area with a lot of different temples.
From one temple to another is quite impossible to walk, unless you have extremely good stamina.
If you want to have a comfortable and not-too-sweaty trip, I suggest you to go around by car.

#5 Shopping

What else to do when you are traveling in a foreign country?
There are plenty of local made bottoms, like the "Aladdin pants" and etc.

Remember to bargain, bargain and bargain.

#1 Num Pang - Cambodian version of Bahn Mi

Num Pang bread is similar to Vietnamese Bahn Mi but the ingredients inside are way different.
I like both versions of Bahn Mi & Num Pang.

I doubt it is fair to compare because both offers different tastes.

#2 Street food - Bamboo Rice with Black Bean

Found this via our local driver because we were starving while on our way to somewhere.
It is good!

Perfectly roasted with fragrant glutinous rice in a stick of bamboo complementing with black bean.
Not too sweet and the glutinous rice is just nice.

#3 Beer

Why beer?
CHEAP (you could get it for less than USD1) and surprisingly smooth.

Who said cheap beer tastes bad?

#4 Khmer Amok

What is Khmer?
Khmer is the name of the Cambodian local cuisines.
Amok is cooked with pieces of choice of meat with fresh coconut cream, onion, cauliflower leaf, egg and traditional mixed Khmer spices.

We actually had this for almost every meal.
It tastes like Thai Green Curry but not as sweet as Thai Green Curry.
Lots of herbs and spices.

#5 Kroeung Khmer Sour Soup with Chicken

First taste was weird because of the herbs they used in the soup.
Minty sourish.
It is addictive!
2nd sip onward, I couldn't stop drinking it!

#6 Pineapple on a stick

Similar to Thailand, they sell pineapple on a stick too!
Small (if you compare it to Malaysian local pineapple), juicy and sweet.

#7 Omelette & Broma Fish with Pork

Typical Omelette?
Wait till you try it.
Perfect with rice.

#8 Palm Sugar

No, it isn't sugar cane sugar nor brown sugar or etc.
It is palm sugar that comes from Oil Palm Tree.

I don't quite like this but it is good to try it for at least once.

#9 Stir fried Khmer Herb with Chicken

Secretly, I like Khmer herbs.
Really good.
You can actually purchase the local spices, herbs or even the sauce packs at Old Market area.

#10 Khmer Curry Soup with Pork

It is slightly different from our local curry soup but it is quite good.
Not too spicy but they focus more on the herbs and spices.
Hence, it is fragrant and flavourful.

#11 Cambodian BBQ (choices of exotic meat)

Not difficult to find Cambodian BBQ at Pub Street.
They offer the common choices of meat, like fish, pork, chicken and beef and....
the exotic meat, like Crocodile, Kangaroo, Sharks, Snakes and more.

Hey! Crocodile meat isn't that bad and it tastes like Pork Jerky...somehow.
If you have any queries, feel free to contact me via:
Email: jiayeen.tan@yahoo.com
IG: @jiayeen

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