(Cafe review) Chang Jiang White Coffee Cafe, Ipoh

by - Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Been to Ipoh for countless times but never once been to this place.

Apparently it is very famous in Ipoh to tourists (of course!).

One fine day, decided to give it a try.

Chang Jiang White Coffee cafe

7, Jalan Windsor, 30250 Ipoh, Perak.

Operating hours
9am - 6pm Daily

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This place gave me a very homey feeling with all the old school decorations and warm comfy feelings.

Do you still remember those days when you collected these cardboard egg trays for your art crafts?

Besides dining in, they also sell their merchandises, like Instant 3-in-1 Ice Lemon Tea Beverage, White Coffee and etc.

How can we not order their signature Ice White Coffee?

The smoothness and thickness of this white coffee led me drinking it sips after sips.
It is a must when you visit this place.

White Coffee-O and Steamed Bread

Typical Malaysian Tea time snacks.
Definitely love this softness and fluffiness of the steamed bread with fragrant spread of kaya and butter.

Chang Jiang Signature Noodle 

Very homey but nothing special to me.
Merely wanton noodle cooked in homey style and to eat it with braised egg, taufu and chicken feet.

Macaroni in soup

This reminds me of the breakfast in Hong Kong.
This definitely can be incorporated into my comfort food list.

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