(Food Review) A Toast Breakfast & Juice Bar

by - Sunday, January 08, 2017

 I love being healthy.
I love eating healthy.
I will always try to be healthy.
If you all have yet to read about my healthy food options, click HERE!!!

Unfortunately, most of the cafes in Malaysia serve healthy options at quite expensive prices.
Fortunately, found this new breakfast spot in Kuala Lumpur for healthy yet affordable breakfast options.

A Toast - Breakfast & Juice Bar

291, Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours
Monday - Friday - 6am - 3pm
Saturday & Sunday - 9am - 3pm

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This is a small cozy breakfast spot but not a cafe.

No, they don't provide wifi here.
It is mainly for people to savour on their yummy energy booster breakkie.

It is self-service concept where you place your order at the cashier and collect your food yourself upon calling of names by the waitresses/waiters.

They also sell good quality of peanut butter if you are keen to purchase some.

You can either choose to grabNgo or dine-in but be mindful that this breakfast spot is just a small parlour.

If you keen in dining in, go earlier or just wait for other patrons to finish up their food.
Since there is no wifi available, I doubt they are going to take up much time.
The nature of humans oh dear.

(Top) Freshly-Squeezed Juices: Lemon + Orange + Sour plum
(Bottom) Left: Wholemeal Toast Sandwich with Cheesy Hash brown
Right: Black Sesame Toast Sandwich with Sunny Side up and Chicken Ham

Black Sesame Toast Sandwich with Sunny Side up and Chicken Ham

I like the Black Sesame bread very much as I kept telling my bestie that.
The fluffiness and aroma of the bread are really great, topped with the healthy ingredients i.e. perfectly cooked non-greasy sunny side up, fresh lettuce leaves and scrumptious chicken ham.

I can foresee the greatness throughout the rest of the day after eating this.
Energy boosted! *Showing biceps*

Wholemeal Toast Sandwich with Cheesy Hashbrown

This is slightly heavier than the Black Sesame Toast Sandwich combination.
No, you can't pick and choose on your own but I always thought it is better for the experts to match it for us.

With the combination, your energy and mood will definitely boosted with the melted cheese and non-greasy hash brown.

Lemon + Orange + Sour plum 

For only RM8.90 per cup, you get to drink freshly squeezed juices with various functionalities on their own.
Both of us love this because of the sour, sweet and flavourful taste.
Apparently, the functions of this option are for constipation and anti-bloated.

Age must be catching.
*roll eyes*

Have you had your healthy breakfast yet?

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