(Fitness tips) Burn your fats with only these 6 easy moves!

by - Sunday, January 15, 2017

Some asked me if I exercise moderately but I eat all the unhealthy food i.e. High in Sugar, High in Fats, High in Carbs, High in Sodium, at the same time, does it work?

I always tell people a healthy toned body take 70% of workouts, 30% of food intake.
Always be cautious on what you are consuming.
You can have your cheat meal on weekly basis or plan your meals accordingly.

I used to eat very very clean when I first started but now I am just eating healthy, instead of totally clean.

However, below are some of my favourite workout moves:

Let's kick start the year 2017 with this new resolution!

#1 Chair pose

With your knees not over the toes and bend as if you are sitting on a chair.
Thighs and butt. Dayum!

#2 Crunches

Typical move if you want to tone up your abs or strengthen your core.
Remember not to pull your neck nor head, you might hurt them instead if you do so.
Concentrate on your core strength to pull yourself up.

#3 Plank

Planking is easier to look than doing it.
To maintain your butt at the optimum level takes lots of core strength.
Remember not to rely too much on your arms.

#4 Lunges

Similar as squats.
Do not allow your knees to go over your toes, unless you have super strong knees, just kidding.
Step forward, step back and repeat.

#5 Side Planks

Abs line? Do this then!
Hold it for 30 seconds each side and slowly increase the time.

#6 Simplified Push-ups

This is the easier version of push-ups.
It is not easy for women to do a full push-ups.

Women can actually do it on your knees as shown in the picture above.
If you can't go all the way down, do it at your own level.

Are you ready to start a healthy life now?
If you have any queries on Fitness or anything, feel free to ask me by sending email to jiayeen.tan@yahoo.com.

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