(Cafe review) Where is this cute Japanese-inspired cafe in Ipoh???

by - Monday, January 02, 2017

 Shredded chicken flat rice noodle, steamed chicken rice, muah chee, soya milk and etc.

Ipoh is like my second hometown (Alright, maybe not second but third?), mainly because my boyfriend is Ipoh-mali.

I have been to Ipoh for countless times to the extent I want to try something new instead of having whatever I mentioned above.

 Saw this place went viral on the Facebook and its photos are attractive enough to make me feel like paying a visit to this place.

Where is this place?
Purple Moon Lover cafe, Ipoh

 The entire design is more towards minimalism.

I was really impressed with the effort they actually put to decorate the cafe, inside out literally.

**Psst psst, I used their Christmas tree as my background for my sponsored products.

 You can't go wrong with fountain for Japanese-themed.

 Girls' favourite spot for #OOTD (Maybe?)

Bamboo as well. 
It's hard to go wrong with bamboo.

 Did I mention it is a cafe?

Oh yes, my title said so. *roll eyes at myself*
They serve a great variety of colourful Japanese-inspired pastries and cakes.


*Ho ho ho*

 Fondant cakes?

Oh yes, Totoro cake!
Isn't it cute? OMG!

FYI, the pastries of this cafe are actually sourced from another cafe named Purple Moon Valley Cake House with the address and details as below: -

No. 317, Jalan Bercham, Taman Desa Kencana, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.

Operating hours
8am - 5pm

Facebook page link

 Green tea latte

It's smooth and not too sweet with a balanced combination of green tea and milk.
This is actually quite good.

 See how happy I was with my Green Tea Latte.

Drink up and smile. =D

 Matcha Mochi + Cheese Stick

 The Matcha Mochi bun is another must try. 

Sticky Mochi with Matcha combined with the soft fluffy Japanese bun.

Here comes the main dish - Salmon curry Don set

 The set comes with: -
  • Main dish (depending on what is your choice)
  • A slice of Daily Special cake
  • A small glass of Matcha Pudding
  • A bowl of Miso soup
  • A shot of Fruit Vinegar
  • Some pickles
Keep calm and dine-in with Jiayeen.

Purple Moon Lover

53, Jalan Lee Kwee Foh, Taman Canning, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.

Operating hours
Bread and cakes: 10am - 9pm Daily
Main course: 11am - 8pm Daily

Facebook page link

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