(Travel) Things to do/eat in Hamilton, New Zealand

by - Thursday, December 08, 2016

 As you all may know, I just came back from my long vacation.
First of all, apologise from my long hiatus as crafting a good quality blog post is really time consuming, especially the pictures and story line.

Nonetheless, I would like to share a little about my experience in New Zealand.
Don't worry, this post merely to share with my readers on the city itself.
I am going to craft another post just to share the tips and etc.

Let's start with the first post a.k.a. FIRST city we visited is  
Hamilton, New Zealand

There are plenty of Takeaways in New Zealand which allow you to pack your on-the-go at affordable prices.

We got to try this highly rated (Will provide more information on how to find highly rated food soon!) Fish & Chips in Hamilton as we were really starving and we have no idea what to eat in Hamilton.

Place to go for FOOD:
Oxford Takeaways is the place you should go!

This small shop is operated by two lovely people, the Dad and the Daughter.

The fish is something you should really try.

The portion is really huge and the fish is really fresh and affordable!

Oysters Patty and Scoop of Chips.

Sweet Potato Fries.

Way better than Malaysia's!
Place to go: 
Waikato Museum, Hamilton

The entry is free and open to photography.

Photography enthusiasts like me can snap photos whenever we want.

Waikato Museum's exhibitions, events and programmes tell our stories from a regional and global perspective, and include visual art, social history, tangata whenua and science from touring exhibitions, and the museum’s own collections.

On the banks of the Waikato River, in the heart of Hamilton's south-end cultural precinct, Waikato Museum's 13 galleries feature more than 25 new exhibitions and 100 public events annually. Through this interactive programme we aim to engage and inspire our local and international visitors.

Highlights include the majestic war waka Te Winika, For Us They Fell, the Waikato WW1 story,  the fun hands-on science galleries for children; and our galleries which exhibit a rich blend of artworks.
Since the year 2000, Waikato Museum has hosted the National Contemporary Art Award. The award, held annually is curated by a new judge every year and culminates in an annual exhibition which documents a snapshot of New Zealand contemporary art.

Waikato Museum in its current building was opened in 1987. The architect was the late Ivan Mercep of JASMaD (now Jasmax), Auckland, the same architect who went on to design New Zealand’s national museum, Te Papa. Mercep was awarded a prestigious Gold Medal by the Institute of Architects (June 2008) for his notable career.

(Source: HERE)

This museum isn't huge but it's all about the history of New Zealanders and the Maorians.

Where they come from and what they had fought through in order to achieve today's peaceful state.


Oops! I just want to slot in one unrelated post to show my love for UNSWEETENED ALMOND MILK & AVOCADO!!!

Happy girl is happy! 

Ok. Back to the main topic of this post. =X
Place to go: 
Hamilton Garden, Hamilton

In New Zealand, it isn't difficult for you to look for a beautiful garden.

Everywhere is pretty in New Zealand.

This is a must-visit place at Hamilton Garden.

There are few concepts in each corner i.e. Japanese, Chinese, English and etc.
Conceptual Garden corners. Glad I was here for at least once.

Prepare for your eyes!
Shall allow the pictures do the wording parts!

Japanese Garden of Contemplation

It is an example of 14th-16th Century Muromachi Period gardens designed for quiet contemplation and study.

Chinese Scholar's Garden

It is an interpretation of the 10th-12th Century Sung Dynasty gardens that were designed as natural worlds of imagination and surprise.

Contemporary - Modern + Minimalism

Italian Renaissance Garden

It is an interpretation of the 15th-16th Century Renaissance Gardens that sought to rationalise and improve upon nature.

Indian Char Bagh Garden

It is an interpretation of a 16th-17th Century symbolic four-quartered garden built for the Mughal aristocracy as an escape from a harsh environment.

Stay tuned for other posts for other cities!
Thanks for reading! Will compose a post on tips for traveling in New Zealand!
This post merely to share where to go and what to eat in Hamilton.
No address is attached because we were using GPS to navigate through our ways to places.
Hamilton isn't a big city. 

Eggie Jiayeen

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