(Personal) 10 things I am truly grateful of

by - Monday, December 19, 2016

As you all may know, my birthday was yesterday, 2nd of December.
Deep thoughts hit me and I actually thought about what exactly I am grateful of.

There are always things that we like and things that we dislike.
Life goes on no matter how.
Throughout my life, I have learned via the hard way.
Fallen and stood up again.
It goes round and round.

Here is the list of things that I am grateful of:
(Not in specific order)

1. Great friends
Friends come and goes and I am glad and lucky enough to have few best friends who are still there by my side supporting me. Great friends never judged you but appreciate the friendship. 

2. Stable relationship
3 years and it is still ongoing. It isn't easy to meet someone who actually complement you. I am one stubborn, a little hot tempered yet independent lady (yet to be a woman ok!) but sometimes I could be a little overly-independent that my parents were worried that no guys would tone down my attitude but hey, you never know, someone is there at the corner waiting for you.

3. Bumpy life
My life taught me a lot, from being one independent lady to being determined in achieving my goals.
As I said, fallen and stood up again. Life goes on.

4. My height
I may not have the model-like height but I am glad that I could pull off most of the nice clothes nicely (Maybe not most =/). Confidence kicked in. Oops!

5. Family
Without the support from my family, I won't even able to be where I am at right now.
They believe in me and the decisions I made and going to make.

6. Awesome lifestyle
I am surrounded by great friends and great stuff. What's more to ask for?

7. Lovely home
I love my room just the way it is. It may not be the prettiest perfectly decorated room but hey, it is the most cozy hideout spot for me!

8. Tall nose
I am a little obsessed over my tall nose, as you can see from my pictures. (Wink!)

9. Stamina
I might not have the perfect stamina but exercising had became part of my life. It was one of best decisions I've ever made. No regrets at all!

A big thank you for being loyal to my blog and social media accounts, despite having to stop or being inactive for quite a period of time. I do appreciate the support from you guys a lot.

Thanks for reading my ranting.
Why don't you start creating a list of things that you are grateful of?

Eggie Jiayeen

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