(Event + Review) Nescafe Gold Barista Coffee Machine

by - Monday, September 12, 2016

I love to have my me-time with a cuppa of good coffee at home but hey, brewing a cup of good coffee takes lots of effort and time.

With our busy lifestyle, brewing a cuppa of good coffee takes lots of our luxury time.
I like my cuppa of personalised coffee, with no sugar and must be aromatic.

What is so special about the premium Nescafe Gold?
Only world-class Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are selected and golden roasted to create the rich, satisfying taste and alluring aroma of this sophisticated coffee.
  • Distinctive premium coffee blend
  • Made with high quality Arabica and Robusta beans
  • Deliciously slow-roasted
 I was fortunate enough to be invited to the launching of this awesome Coffee Machine by Nescafe, specially for Nescafe Gold Blend.

*Refer below for my review on this machine*

 The PIC from Nescafe was sincerely explaining to us, the media about the functionalities of this machine, as well as the reasons behind the creation of this machine.

As she mentioned, Malaysia is heading towards becoming a high income nation (The Star Online). 
The high income young working adults like us are having a modern lifestyle with a preference in redefined coffee experience.

The creation of this coffee machine is mainly to suit the demanding preference of the working adults as they would prefer coffee like Latte, Mocha, Americano or etc, instead of a cuppa of "Kopi-O" at Mamak.

 Courtesy of Nescafe and InvolveAsia, I was able to have a try on this coffee machine.

It really suits my hectic lifestyle while I still crave for a good cuppa of coffee on-the-go (Will share how to prepare your own cold brew coffee below).

Review on the Nescafe Gold Barista Coffee Machine 

Why Nescafe Gold Barista Coffee Machine?
  •  The FIRST ever Coffee Machine that does not require any capsules to brew the perfect blend.
  • Easy to operate with only ONE push button and you will get to enjoy your perfect blend.
  • NO Capsule needed for this machine, only Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee Powder and Water required!!
  • Convenient and time saving
  • There are 6 (six) buttons - On/Off and 5 types of coffee (3 Black Coffee + Cappuccino + Latte)
  • You can now personalise your cuppa of coffee by pouring your desired amount of milk and sugar into the cup (Everything is stated in the machine manual). The machine only dispense aromatic coffee liquid.
  • ONLY use Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee Powder for this machine as this machine is specially designed for the specific coffee powder.
  • The coffee powder compartment is an airtight box. Hence, there isn't any possibilities of hardening of coffee powder.
 Steps on how to operate the Nescafe Gold Barista Coffee Machine on the first use:
  1. Refill the water tank with distilled/drinking water
  2. Turn on the machine by pressing the On/Off button and wait for all-lighted buttons to operate
  3. Your machine is ready for coffee brewing
  4. Refill the coffee box with Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee Powder
  5. Choose your desired type of coffee by pressing on the function button
  6. It will dispense your coffee liquid and shall be ready within 1 (one) minute
  7. Go ahead and enjoy your perfect blend!
 As I mentioned, I like it black.

Hence, I tried on their Espresso.
Love the aroma and convenience.

 What is life without a good cuppa of coffee at home while enjoying the serene environment at your home balcony?

My life is perfect at this moment.

 I also managed to brew a cuppa of Latte Machiato + Espresso and left it refrigerated overnight to have the Cold Brewed Coffee.

Hey, I did it. Even my boyfriend loved it so much.
That explained the half cuppa of coffee as shown in picture.


You can now get this awesome Nescafe Gold Barista Coffee Machine with
1 (one) jar of Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee Powder and 1 (one) Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee Powder Refill Pack for only RM239 from Lazada starting from 14th of September 2016!

Yes, only RM239 and you will get your perfect blend!

Good Deal yo! What are you waiting for?

Click HERE to check out the latest Nescafe Gold Barista Coffee Machine!

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