(Style Review) Black & White

by - Wednesday, June 08, 2016

 There is a saying about fashion - "If you don't know what to wear, just wear black & white!"

Not that I have no idea on what to wear but I think to match brilliantly with black & white outfits isn't easy as we always want to wear something simple and comfy but yet stylish.

I created this post to share two styles on how to match black & white outfits.

 *Kindly ignore my right ankle - had Contact Dermatitis at the time I took these photos*

High Neck Sleeveless Top in White - Vodelle
Elastic Exercise Long Pants in Black - Vodelle
Striped Canvas Slip-on Shoes - Terranova
Janeen Mean bag in Brown - Mizzue

 Who said exercise pants can't be stylish too?

You can always wear this pants to your yoga class then off to your outing!
*Yes, I am lazy* *Shades on and act cool*

 A comfy set of outfits is always great for a simple outing.

Not only comfort, the quality of Vodelle clothings is also tip top.
Reasons why I always love their clothings.

 Smile. =D

 OOTD #2
Sleeveless Line Blazer in White - Vodelle
Long Sleeveless Dress in Black - BKK Hauls
Janeen Mean bag in Brown - Mizzue
Platform Leather Shoes in Black - Online Hauls

 This blazer is great for formal or casual wear.

It boost up any simple, plain styles, from dresses to a plain white tee.
Guess what? It doesn't crumple easily as the material is linen rayon.
Lazy people like me are able to escape from ironing the blazer.

 There is another function too.

To cover the "elevated" little tummy!
Some said stripes are enemies to fatty.

Trust me. If you know what to wear, you will look slim no matter how.

Tips: Always remember to cover those areas with overloaded fats and expose slightly more of your slim areas. It will make you look slimmer in no time!

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