(Style Review) Smart Casual - Day & Night looks

by - Monday, May 23, 2016

 Who is as lazy as me?
Why did I say so?

Imagine having to bring extra clothing to change just because you have another appointment after work?
Oh my! Need to carry more clothes!

Courtesy of Vodelle, I am able to create this Day & Night looks with their gorgeous body fitting tube top!


Black Body Fitting Blazer - H&M
Body Fitted Tube Top in Red - Vodelle
Super Skinny Jeans in Blue - Guess MY
Red Heels - Online Hauls

 I love matching pieces of clothing to create cool look.
Cute is never my kind of style.

A tube top is always easy to match with.
If you want to create cool or sexy style, be sure to opt for tube top with the buttons exist in typical denim.

It will bring out a unique cool style.

 Who said we can't match formal blazer with a pair of skinny jeans?

Try it now!


After work, time to go for a drink.

It is also time for you to unleash your sexiness.
It is always fine to unleash your sexiness once in a while.

I didn't do any magic but just to remove the formal blazer. 
 Oh yes, you may add in a little detail, like a temporary tattoo.

Temporary Tattoo - The Ink Book

 Of course, to make the entire style a little sexier and more mysterious, use a dark shade of lipstick.

Red lipstick is too mainstream.
Dark purple is the way to go yo!

Cool? Sexy? Cute? or any other style?

Which style are you?

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