(Style review) Office Smart Casual for Women - What to wear?

by - Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Have you encountered the first world problem - DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR when somebody told you that the dress code is office smart casual?
 Well, it depends on where you are working at. It is always better not to wear something too revealing to office. In the corporate world, first impression is very important.

Like it or not, people do judge you based on the first impression.
If you wear something too revealing, there goes your first impression to him/her.
In most of the corporate, there will be a day in the week that you can choose not to wear formal but smart casual.

Oh please, DO NOT wear shorts and t-shirt, along with your flip flops! 
I repeat, DO NOT WEAR THEM to office!

  I am sharing some of the Smart Casual styles that you can wear to office.

Let them flow!

 1st style - Simple yet comfy

Oversize Sleeve Top in Red - Vodelle
Simple Black skirt - H&M

 It's never too much to have accessories on. I had a bangle on to style up this set of simple yet stylish clothing.

The quality of this top is thick but airy, suitable for air-conditioned office environment, at the same time, it won't be too warm despite wearing it outdoor in Malaysia.

Keep calm and shop on!

Simple pieces are always easier for you to mix and match, even if you are fashion noobie.

 2nd - Fashion Junkie

Asymmetric Culottes in Black - Vodelle
Black & White Loafers - Charles & Keith
Fringe Earrings in Black - Online Hauls

 Vodelle never failed to satisfy me.

The cutting, the quality.
This piece of culottes fit me perfectly, especially my waist.

 I really like to mix and match with simple yet stylish pieces of clothings.

No matter how you match it, you will still look in style.

Dress up for yourself but nobody else.
You deserve it.

3rd - Simple Elegance

Skater Dress in Green - Vodelle
Pearl Earrings - Online Hauls

Back on 27 April, I was invited to attend Calvin Klein's Performance store launch at Pavilion.
I definitely need a piece of elegant dress to attend such event, at the same time, not too revealing nor overly-formal.

I chose this piece of dress as it is very elegant to put on. 
This dress perfectly wrapped around me.

A good dress will enhance a woman's confidence.

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