(Fitness) 8 Tips to burn belly fats fast

by - Wednesday, April 20, 2016

 *Knock knock*

Hello, Jiayeen here to check in for my fitness journey.
If you have yet to read my first post on fitness, click HERE to read yo!

This post is mainly to give tips to beginners who want to kick off their fitness journey.
Don't you want to get flat tummy too?
Check them out now!
(Refer below for tips!)

 Tips #1 Eat right

Do not starve yourself!
I repeat, do not starve yourself.

Eating right means eating the right food but not asking you to skip meals.
Skipping meals will make your body crave for more food and you will then eat whatever "not right"!

 Ever since I started working out since last November, Peanut butter became one of my buddies because it is rich in protein.

Tips #2 Working out

Combine a series of sports, like cardio, weightlifting.
I personally don't enjoy Yoga that much as Yoga bored me off. *oops*
I do enjoy Pilates, Muay Thai.

How I keep myself motivated when I usually working out alone?
I rewarded myself with workout gears OR I create a blog post like this piece!
Your support is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Tips #3 Truth about fat burning
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There is no way to burn fats of a specific area.
If you want to have flat tummy, it is mandatory for you to burn your overall body fats.

Ugly truth revealed.
In order to do so, refer to Tips #2. 

Tips #4 Higher metabolism
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Stay active to boost your metabolism rate!
Refer to Tips #2 & #8 to keep your body active. 

Tips #5 Cut out Junk Food
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Sorry, this is kinda crucial.
Even diet cokes aren't good for you.
Believe it or not, energy drinks contain a substantial amount of sugar too.
That's how energy drinks keep you energetic - Sugar Rush!

Tips #6 Drink water 
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Always keep your body hydrated by drinking water.
You can even opt for black coffee or tea before your workout to boost your energy and focus level.

Tips #7 Cheat day, cheat meals
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It's kinda saddening to read everything about diet and diet.
Hey! Good news! You can choose to have your cheat day and indulge yourself into your favourite meals throughout the day! 

Tips #8 Stay active
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It's fine if you aren't into lifting weight but you can keep yourself active by doing other things too.
For example, hiking, walking your dog, cycling and more.

As long as the only things you have been doing are selfies taking and scrolling through your phone.

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