(Travel) How to travel to Koh Samui from Surat Thani?

by - Friday, March 11, 2016

If we want to travel, we should always travel in style.

Just kidding. =P

Let's get back to the initial topic!

This is a simple map of Koh Samui that you can download for your trip.

  1. Arrive at Surat Thani Airport
  2. Purchase Transport ticket from the ticket kiosk. (There are various companies selling these tickets but I opted for Raja Ferry Company) REFER BELOW for ticket price.
  3. Enjoy your way to Koh Samui. It takes 1 hour 30 mins. The ferry journey is 1 hours 30 mins. If, for whatever reason, you miss your connection ferry or arrive early, there is a fairly cheap restaurant (the food is generally OK), clean toilets and a small shop at Donsak ferry terminal. The last Raja ferry from Donsak to Koh Samui is 7pm. Departure: 8.30am Estimated Arrival Time: 12.30pm
    Departure: 11.00am Estimated Arrival Time: 3.30pm
    Departure: 11.25am Estimated Arrival Time: 3.30pm
    Departure: 12.00pm Estimated Arrival Time: 3.30pm
    Departure: 2.00pm Estimated Arrival Time: 5.30pm
    Departure: 2.30pm Estimated Arrival Time: 5.30pm
    Departure: 4.10pm Estimated Arrival Time: 7.30pm
    Ticket Price
    350THB ( Bus from Airport to Ferry Terminal + Ferry to Lipa Noi in Koh Samui) 
    600THB ( Bus from Airport to Ferry Terminal +Ferry to Lipa Noi in Koh Samui +Transfer to your hotel)
    (Source: http://www.suratthaniairporthotels.com/how-to-get-from-surat-thani-airport-to-koh-samui/
    We think it is more convenient to have a tourist sim. Easier for us to stay connected with people and search for information (especially food). 

    Imagine we can just search on 4square for food!

    This sim pack is selling at 299THB.
    Don't worry, once you get yourself on the bus, there will be someone selling this sim pack to you.

    We decided to stay at Chaweng, the most happening area with a lot of bars, pubs and hot hunks. (aherm!)


    Our stay: Cheeky Monkey Samui Hostel

    It's cheap and the location is very good but the wifi connection isn't good in the rooms.
    There is rooftop poolside bar for you to enjoy your glass of alcohol.

    We booked this STAY via Agoda

    There is this Chaweng Walking Street which is packed with seafood, Thai food, meat and smoothies.

    Of course, Caucasians.

    Yes, they sell Crocodile skewers as well!

    Always my favourite, seafood!

    Smoothies. Oh yum!

    They are quite well-verse in English.
    I actually can communicate with the stall owner to ask for no-milk option!

    Tom Yum Goong.

    In Koh Samui, if you want it to be Thai spicy, you really need to tell them "Normal Thai Spicy".
    They usually scale the spiciness down to suit the taste buds of the Caucasians.

    I made the mistake by ordering this with the remark of "Medium spicy".
    It came out to be NO spicy at all. (at least to us)

    Papaya salad.

    I can never get bored of Thai salad.

    Grilled Squid.

    A little too chewy.
    Not to my liking.

    Grilled Pork skewer.

    Definitely not to my liking.
    Nothing special to me.

    Just another commercialised gimmick.


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