(Travel) COMPLETE GUIDE - What to eat in Kunming.

by - Saturday, March 05, 2016

 If you have not read my previous post on "Where to go in Kunming",
you better click on HERE to read now!

This post is to continue the previous post by introducing "What to eat in Kunming"!

*Food items are not in any specific order*
*I will only specify the name of the place if the place is really recommended*

 Food #1 Braised food items

You will get to see this a lot in Kunming. 
Chinese really love anything braised or pickled.

 Food #2 Fresh Dates

Alright.......you might tell me "Hey! Fruit is not supposed to be here!"
Come on! This is awesome!

Crispy, looks like a mini apple and sweeeeeeet juicy fruit!

 Food #3 Cross-the-bridge rice noodle

I know Kunming is very famous of this food item.
Refer to HERE "7. 金马碧鸡坊 Jinma Biji Fang" as you can find places to enjoy a hot bowl of cross-the-bridge rice noodle here!

 Food #4 Steamed pau, steamed dumplings and Green Bean Congee

This is my usual breakfast spot, named "云阿姨Aunt Yun".
The Green Bean Congee is really smooth and good!
Not too sweeeeeeet as well!

 Food #5 Japanese Ramen

Why Japanese Ramen?
Pork goodness. Oh yums.

 Food #6 Street food

Trust me, everywhere in Kunming is food!
You'll get to see lots of food stalls everywhere!

 Food #7 Hong Kong food

There are a lot of HK Char Chan Teng in Kunming.
If you are bored of Kunming's local food, you may opt for plain porridge with scallop.

Food #7 Herbal tea in can

OOps! This is definitely not a food item but I take this whenever I feel uneasy, like going to fall sick and etc.

Where to find? Any supermarkets or convenient stores will do.

Food #8 Dry version of rice noodle

This is yummy with their specialty chili flakes!
You are able to find it at anywhere, trust me!

Food #9 McDonald's

Some said, wherever you go, whichever countries, must try their local McD outlets!
Different countries have their own McD food items!
No Kidding!

This is the 0% Oil added Grilled Chicken drumstick burger.
A LOT YUMMIER than Malaysia's McD.

Sorry, McD Malaysia.

Food #10 Taiwanese Egg Wrap

It was written as "TAIWANESE", therefore I assumed it was influenced by the Taiwanese Egg wrap.

It is actually quite yummy with lots of veggies and other ingredients in it!

You can find this anywhere! 
Street food is everywhere in Kunming!

Food #11 Pure juices and Tea jelly

When you are in China, must enjoy their freshly squeezed fruit juices.
When you are in Kunming, remember to try their Pu-er tea products.


This small shop located near Green lake.
Easily spotted around Green lake.

Food #12 Packet milk specially for lactose intolerant people 
(like...me. T.T)

If you have mild lactose intolerance, you may try this.
Mine is quite....serious. =(

First few trials were alright but after that....my body couldn't take it anymore.

Food #13 Dry version of Rice noodle with Soy Bean Curd

Sounds weird? Nope!
This is great! With peanuts, soya beancurd (non-sweetened) and preserved vegetables!

Awesome food which you are able to find it anywhere!

Food #14 Flower biscuits 

Paste made from real flower petals makes it extra yummier as the aroma is pure and very aromatic.
First bite and I fell in love.

There are varieties for this biscuit as flowers in Kunming is one of their specialties.
Rose, Jasmine and more.

I personally love Rose paste.

Where to find? This shop is located at LG floor of Shun Cheng Shopping Mall in Kunming town city area. 

Why I chose this shop? Their products are not too sweet and the aroma of the biscuits is really good.

Food #15 (Restaurant review) Red Bean restaurant

They have the authentic and really good food here.
Especially their Black glutinous rice drink. I couldn't stop drinking it.
It is just that good!

Yes, the name of the restaurant is...RED BEAN and yes, they have quite a number of dishes with red bean but we didn't try on their red bean dishes.

Address: No. 142, Wenlin street (Near Green lake)
Phone: 0871-65392020

Food #16 Steamed dumplings

In case you want to try something else in Kunming, you may opt for dumplings.
Not hard to be found in Kunming.

Food #17 (Restaurant review) Yi Ti Xiang 

Above is a bowl of Rice noodle with pork leg.
Below is a bowl of dry version of Er Si.

Yummy! Rated high on China website!

Location: Intersection between Xiang Yun street and Bao Shan street. (Beside a juice store)
Phone: 15969473831

Take note of this signage.

Food #18 Side dishes

Their most common side dish would be pickled seaweed.
Be aware of the spiciness!

Food #19 Assorted snacks

Don't know what to buy?
Just buy some snacks with flowers of you can buy 18-in-1 kind of snack box.

Food #20 Qi Guo Ji (Claypot chicken soup)

This is a little oily. I personally don't like it so much.

It was just alright to me.
I tried it because it's one of the must-try food items in Kunming.

Food #21 Grilled Er Kuai

What is it? It's a wrap with local seasonings, like their special chili powder and sauce.
Simple, yummy snacks.

Food #22 Grilled Yak meat skewers

This is surprisingly good!
Juicy, tender and aromatic!

Food #23 Freshly-made Soy milk

It is easy to find fresh soy milk in China.
This is the best part of China. *love*

Food #24 Steamed rice cakes

Before I made this purchase, I thought it is a savoury food item but no, it is sweeeeeet and sour.
Surprisingly good, very appetizing!

Food #25 Steamed minced meat in Qi Guo (Pressure pot)

To me, this is just another typical steamed minced meat.
Nothing to shout about this.

Food #26 Dry version of Wanton

It is alright but a little too oily to my liking.
I still think Rice Noodle is the best food in Kunming!

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