(Event) FUJIFILM KL Photography Walk 2016.

by - Friday, January 29, 2016

Back on 10 January 2016, we were invited to join the FUJIFILM KL Photography Walk.
What is this walk all about?
 We, as well as the participants were supposed to capture creative photos that suit the categories given by following the specific route (a map was given). 9 categories - 9 photos. At last, just have to submit your photos and wait for the results!

The participation fees were RM30 for Fujifilm camera users whereas RM50 for non-Fujifilm camera users. Yes, you didn't read it wrongly. Non-Fujifilm camera users were allowed to join this competition as well.

The Fujifilm camera and lens that were used by us during the walk - Fujifilm X-T10, along with the Fujinon 56mm f/1.2 lens, and the Fujinon 50-230mm lens.

The new Fujifilm X-T10 come with new dials for enhanced operability, a 920K-dot tilting LCD, a compact and lightweight body, new AF Zone and Wide/Tracking modes, X-Trans™* CMOS II sensor & EXR Processor II, “CLASSIC CHROME” film simulation, and a Real-Time Viewfinder making it a really versatile and capable camera.

Below are our submissions: 

1st - Motion &Lines

2nd - Multi colours

Who would ever guessed this place exists in KL city?
The picture was beautifully captured with Fujifilm X-T10.
The colour is really sharp and vibrant.

My 1st jumping shot was captured by the pretty stylish Stephanie Lim.

Take 5 and check out the amazing photos captured by Fujifilm X-T10.

3rd - Reflection

4th - Team numbers

We were being split into two teams - Team 68 & 69

5th - Light & Shadow

Light and darkness will never be able to be separated.
When the sunlight shines on us, darkness is here.

6th - Old &New

This clearly illustrated today's world - The Traditional and the Modern.
Which are you?
Complete & Incomplete

8th - KL landmark frame

Leaves & trees as the natural frame to wrap up our beautiful Petronas Twin Towers.

9th - Walking above, traffic below

 10th - Symbol & Story

What do you think when you see the famous fortune cats?
It really means a lot to the Japanese & Chinese.
The story behind it is meant to be told.

These are our submissions.

After the entire walk around KL city, we had our lunch. Later in the afternoon, a professional photographer with the name of Kim Boon (http://www.kimboon.com/) gave us a little presentation of his photos that were taken with FUJIFILM cameras with us. He also shared some tips and tricks with us.

All the submissions were displayed and we got to see how the photographers and photography enthusiasts cleverly and creatively captured their photos following the categories given. We were impressed on their creativity and passion.

Thanks for the invitation and can't wait to participate in the next FUJIFILM Photography Walk!

It was nice that we got to put on our creativity cap and walked around with other photographers and photography enthusiasts to capture the photos.

I like how user friendly X-T10 is. I always wanted to try using a Fujifilm camera because of its effects. I am glad I got to use it during this KL Photography Walk. If you want to have a good camera for good photographs, Fujifilm is a good choice, even a noobie like me able to use it!

For more information, kindly visit them at:

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