(tips) Top 10 Office HABITS. Good or bad?

by - Sunday, December 06, 2015

I started working as an Office Lady ("OL") since January 2014.
Observed around and able to gather some observation and investigation on this topic.

Well, I won't say all habits are bad habits but they are part of our office norms.
Like it or not, they will still be around us.

TOP 10 Office Habits
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1) Snacking in office
Constantly using our brain juice makes us hungry or crave for some munching.
Therefore, a little snacking won't hurt.

My advice? Choose healthier alternatives.
For example, munch on nuts or dried fruits or even vegetable chips, INSTEAD of having Banana fritters (Pisang Goreng), ultimately sweet kuih muih or a cup of Teh Tarik.\

2) Gossiping
It is quite common in office environment, especially departments or office with bigger size of human power.
We can't please everyone and everyone will not be pleased by you.
Complete your assigned tasks, always prepare to learn.

When people are gossiping around you, listen, answer with an "oh" and continue listening to them but remember, do not spread around.

The risk is there.
Take calculated risk but not high risk. 
Hear no evil, say no evil, see no evil.

3) Work and work and work
Speaking of Work Life balance, where is it?
I like how a company emphasizes on work life balance by implementing flexible working hours.

At the end of everything, the most important thing is still the result so why not completing the tasks within the allocated time frame while enjoying your life?

You only live once, FYI.

4) Chatting
I don't see this as bad. A little communication with your colleagues will be useful in terms of life and work.

Always remember you are not perfect. You might not be able to see what other people see.
So why not listen and learn from them, who have different life and work experiences?

5) Being seated on the office chairs for prolonged period of time
This may cause backache and distort our blood circulation.

Solution? Get up and do some stretching exercises.
OR, walk to the toilet or grab a cup of Americano from nearby cafes or vending machine.

6) Messy dirty work desks
Giving excuse of "busy" and "lazy" don't work.
I like how my things being organised properly.
This makes the work flow smoother and work more efficiently.
Isn't it?

Check out the 5s LEAN theory.

Seiton (Systematic Arrangement)
Seiri (Sort)
Seisou (Shine)
Seiketsu (Standardise)
Shitsuke (Sustain)

7) Constantly checking on phones
Depends on what field you are in.
If you have client-oriented goals, checking on phone is to ensure your clients' queries are properly answered and on time.

But other than that, checking on phone a little doesn't hurt.
If checking on your phone constantly and consistently, sorry to say that but you are not being efficient.

8) Always on headphone with music blasting
I don't take this as a bad habit but it depends solely on the situations.
People like me need music to help me stay VERY VERY FOCUS to the extent my soul is absorbed into my work.

OOPS but ya, please don't use it when you are meeting clients or anything requires human interactions.
Paper work kind of jobs are fine with headphones on.

9) Missed phone calls
"OOPS! Another phone call missed. Never mind then."
"OMG! He or she is calling me again!"
"I am busy!"


10) Overlooked current news
We should always update ourselves on the latest news update.
When clients or colleagues talk about it, we can eventually discuss with them.
A way to enhance the relationship.

For example, the latest news update on the decline in MYR or the explosion in Tianjin. (as at 13 Aug 2015)

****All habits are based on my personal observations. Not referring to any organizations or personnel.****

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