(Beauty Review) Mask Slim Hydrating | Lightening Creme & Masque.

by - Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My new love.

Something for people who are lazy yet want to have beautiful skin.
I always emphasize on hydrated skin because dehydrated skin will lead to many problems, like wrinkles, acne and etc.

I am bringing you the Hydrating | Lightening Creme & Masque (a.k.a. Hydrating Sleeping mask) by.....MASK SLIM! Tada!

It's in a packaging of 50g.

Not too big nor too small.
Along with the unique modern design.

  • Provides moisture and hydration to skin
  • Smoothens and softens skin
  • Helps in improving fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Provides a bright and a more radiant appearance

After using it, my skin is fairer and more hydrated.
A very obvious difference after using it was the pores.

Pores appeared to be more refined and skin looks healthier.
Mask Slim, as you can see from the name is specialised in their masks.

Masks tested are as follow:
  • AQUASENSE Hydrating | Firming 3D Sheet Masque - Rehydrate and moisture deeply and soften the skin.
  • AU VERVE Lifting | Firming Charcoal Sheet Masque - Purify and firming skin.
  • SPRING BEAUTY Eye Firming Sheet Masque - Brighten, moisture deeply and firm up skin around the eyes.
  • AU VERVE Lifting | Toning Sheet Masque - Tone and moisture skin with natural lifting and vibrancy.
  • PRISTINE NATURE Oil Control | Calming - Calm and soothes troublesome skin conditions. Provides rehydrating and moisturising benefits, and smoothens while softening skin texture.
  • LA RADIANCE Lightening | Oxygenating Sheet Masque - Lighten skin, moisture deeply and smoothen lines
  • PRISTINE NATURE Oil Control | Purifying | Balancing Sheet Masque - Control oily skin and eliminate blemishes, with moisturising and smoothing benefits.
  • AQUASENSE Hydrating Sheet Masque - Rehydrate, moisture deeply and soften skin.
For application steps, watch this short video to find out how!
Only 30 seconds!

You may purchase them from their physical stores or E-store.

Website: http://maskslim.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaskSlimAsia/

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