(Event + Style Review) Zoom watches are now available in Malaysia!

by - Monday, October 19, 2015

Courtesy of Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers and ZOOM, I get to attend as one of the honored persons to the Media Preview of ZOOM timepiece.

Who is ZOOM?
ZOOM is originated from the Sweden with the Stockholm design concept. ZOOM is characterised by three main characters: Simplicity, Minimalism and Functionality. To revamp this traditional brand, ZOOM team is inserting the elements of Passion, Colourful, Pure and Humor into the designs to show off different personalities and to enhance different personalities.

Best representatives for each element:
Passion - FLOATING 3838
Humor - MUSE 7100 & MUSE 3826
Colourful - LOUNGE 3811 & AIR
Pure - PURE 7140

Design Awards gotten by ZOOM are as below:

Some of the favourite designs (in ascending order) are:
  •  (1st pic) Bridge, inspired by the concept of connection. Full-filled with the care of humanism, portrays life experience on the wrist timepiece. It reminds us of the connection and care for people around us.

  • (2nd pic) Image, infused with the concept of elegance and feminism. Comes in 4 different colours of Black, Pink, Purple and White.

  • (3rd pic) Club Night, grey toned with a series of bright and stunning colours. the unique details of this design will definitely capture people's attention wherever you go.

  • (3rd pic) Air, colourful, funky, energetic.

  • (4th pic) Floating 3838, inspired by the concept of floating elements. It presents the light and simple idea for timepieces with the use of slight stainless steel case design with convex glass on top of it. It comes in Brown belt with White background, Black belt with Gold background and Dark Brown belt with Black background.
  • (4th pic) Floating 3829, same as Floating 3838, inspired by the concept but the only difference is the genuine leather belt to show the concept of simple elegance of springtime.
  • (5th pic) Beat, inspired by the gramophone, conveying between the relationship of rhythm, watch and people.
We get to try the beautiful time pieces on our wrists too.

I personally like this one - Floating 3829 because of the sleek and elegant design.

Oversize is in trend right now, like oversize shirts, oversize dress and now, the oversize timepiece.
Who said girls can't be a little masculine?

Of course, the concept of minimalism attracted me too.
Something not overly done yet retained the elegance and beauty of the design.

 MHB Girls (From left to right): Kate, Your truly and Steph.

MHB girls along with the founder of MHB, Tim Chew and the personnel from Time Galerie.

Thanks to MHB and Time Galerie, I gotten myself a timepiece..........
Glitter 3571
 If you have no idea on what colour to choose, go for Black.
Ever heard of this all the time?

No, it's not that I had no idea on my choice but this timepiece attracted me at first sight.
Its black solid stainless bracelet with a few of crystals to boost its appearance.
Elegant and easy-to-match, it is.

Glitter 3571 present a simple and pure design for ladies but not forgetting the glamour element.
Thoughtful they are for the ladies.

Embellishing the outer case frame with cubic zirconia, perfectly studded to point out the 12-indexes direction.

I've tried matching it with two outfits with different styles, as shown as below:

 Elegant outfit?

No problem. As I said, EASY-TO-MATCH with any outfits.

 Casual Cool outfits?

Pictures speak it all.
Cool, casual, but not forgetting the low key of glamorous.

Curious on where to get ZOOM timepieces?

Zoom timepieces are distributed in Malaysia by Time Galerie and are available for purchase at selected Time Galerie and 60 Minutes outlets including:
  • Time Galerie Aeon Big Kepong
  • Time Galerie Tesco Shah Alam
  • 60 Minutes Selayang Mall
  • Edessa counter @ AEON Maluri, Kuala Lumpur

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