(Style Review) Denim series by Vodelle.

by - Tuesday, September 01, 2015

 Denim is never out of style.

My style of the day is denim on denim with a touch of sexiness.
When you don't know what to wear to look fashionable, put on a pair of denim pants and jacket.

Immediately, your entire fashion style will boost up as "fashionable"!
Don't believe me? Try it!

Top - Terranova
 Short Jeans Lapel Hooded Top - Vodelle
Skinny Distressed Boyfriend Jeans Black - Vodelle 
Black Slip-on Sneakers - Skechers

 Hooded Denim Jacket is definitely in trend right now.

It's like the combination of cool and sporty.
I love looking cool and sporty at the same time, could be highly due to my personality.

Vodelle Fashion never failed to impress me with the quality and style.

The style is always in trend and the quality is always top notch.

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