(Beauty Review) THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50.

by - Saturday, September 12, 2015

The latest product from THEFACESHOP - Oil Control Water Cushion
Are you still using BB cream?
Feeling oily and uncomfortable after a period of time of applying BB cream?

Try this new cushion!
Soft, fluffy, flawless.

Oh just kidding.
Water cushion's benefits far more than that!
Continue reading to find out more!

THEFACESHOP is introducing a complete cushion solution to cater for non-greasy yet natural coverage, especially for our hot and humid weather in Malaysia.

This is a new innovation of THEFACESHOP that contains liquid foundation in a hard foundation case using microfoam.

What is Oil Control Water Cushion?
The latest product. DUH!
 It is a sebum controlling, matte cushion foundation for summer and oily skin.

Sweatproof, Non-sticky and comes with sebum controlling formula.

Main ingredients:
Water from Tasmanian, Australia + Italian Oxygen Water (Oxygizer) = Hydration
Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract + Blooming Rose Powder = Sebum Controlling
Skin Fit Cover Powder = Long Lasting

*If you are allergic to any of these ingredients OR you have dry or combination skin, PLEASE consult TFS consultants before purchasing it*

 Benefits of Oil Control Water Cushion
  • Does-it-all 
During hot and sweaty season, applying sunblock, make-up base and foundation seem a bit too troublesome. This cushion enables us to finish all the steps at one application!
  • Natural make-up
Want to achieve the "No-Makeup" make-up look? Try this cushion!
Light yet natural coverage.
Matte on the outside, hydrates on the inside.
  • Cooling effect
It actually cools down our heated skin as we apply moist contents from the sponge saturated with the liquid foundation. 
  • Great for application
No restriction on reapplying. Allows us to enjoy the full sun protection effect without getting our hands dirty.
  • SPF50+ PA+++
MFDS certified sun protection formula to protect our skin from UV rays.
  • Contains micro foam
For even, meticulous cover with having to apply powder.
  • Improvement on stickiness
Less sand and hair stick to our face. Make us feel light and fresh too.
  • Affordable Price
Retail price is RM88.93

 Thanks to THEFACESHOP, I get to try the cushion on.

My Review
I tried not only the cushion but other make-up products as well.
Just bear with me as I explain my steps one by one.

*The placement position of the make-up products in my photos = part/(s) I applied*

Step 1 - TFS Oil Control Water Cushion

To cover any imperfections yet providing me the natural and light coverage.
I liked the texture, the cooling effect and the natural coverage.
Usually, I will have red, heated face after hours due to the hot weather in Malaysia.

But, with this cushion, I will no longer have red, heated face!
It cools down my heated face while providing me the natural coverage.
The best part is it is easy to apply.

Just dab on the cushion with the sponge and spread it lightly and softly on your face.
Light and natural coverage you will achieve.

Step 2 - TFS Dual Baked Shadow (OR01)

I love using brown eyeshadow to enhance the depth of my eyelid crease.
This duo eyeshadow is easy for application yet saturated in colour.
I used Dark brown for upper eyelid (enhance crease of my eyelid) and Lighter brown for lower lashes part (enhance the size of my eyes).
 Step 3 - TFS Ink Graffi Brush Pen Liner (01 Black/Thin)

One thing about my eyes is I have round eyes.
Therefore, I always prolong my eyes by drawing winged upper liner.

With this eyeliner, I can easily achieve the effect I want.
Hassle free and Trouble free.

Step 4 - TFS Freshian Volumizing Mascara (Black)

Notice my long, thick and curled eyelashes now?
Picture says it all!

Oh, it is easy to apply and remove too!

Step 5 - TFS Soft Cream Blusher (02 Coral)

Not too red nor too pink.

Be careful not to apply too much as one squeeze of this cream blusher is more than enough.

Step 6 - TFS Ink Lipquid a.k.a. Lip tint (CR01 Coral chu)

You don't have to reapply after a sip of water or even your meal or...kissing. 

Remember to apply lip balm or lip moisturiser before using lip tint if you have dry chapped lips like mine.

Overall, it is good because lazy people like me do not  have to reapply it again and again.

Want to see the after-makeup look with TFS make-up products?

 Not hard to achieve this look with TFS make-up products.

Want to get Barbie look like mine?

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