(Gadget Review) Casio ZR3500 Part I.

by - Thursday, August 13, 2015

 If you've read my previous post on the launching of Casio ZR3500, you would've read about some of the key features of this baby.

As illustrated in the picture, the size of this baby is very handy.
It is not too big for girls to carry it around.
Outing, Vacation or any events, we can just slot it into our handbags with limited space.

Don't be surprised that it is almost the same size as iPhone 6.

Be amaze with what this baby can do.
I am going to do a testing on this baby in a short while.

Continue reading to find out more!

These are the function buttons.

You may choose from Automatic mode to Art Filters or even Triple Shots.
Very user friendly and easy to handle.
You will definitely have no problem handling this baby, even if you are suck at handling camera.

Make-up Plus
I tested on how "Tan" and "Brightness" work on me.
For ZR3500, this mode is being enhanced with advance technology.
It corrects the unnatural shininess during shooting as well as effectively detects subject's face.

For both Smoothness and Brightness, you may choose from 12 levels.
It depends on what kind of skin tone you want.

Night Selfies with flashlight
As you can see, even with the flash light on, there isn't any trace of red eyes nor uneven skin tone.

This baby is good for taking selfies or wefies at night.
Night outings? No problem!

This baby now stapled with faster shutter speed and 0.22-second shooting interval.
It means high-speed shutter responsiveness.

You will never gonna miss any shots of your pets.
Keep shooting, people!

Start-up time: Approx. 1.3 second
AF-time: Approx. 0.15 second
Release time lag: Approx. 0.016 second
Shooting interval: Approx. 0.22 second
(Based on CIPA standards)

 Easy Transfer to your phone
1st way - via the photo sharing App - "Scene"
  1. Download it from Google Playstore or Apple store.
  2. Register your account.
  3. The captured images will automatically transfer to your cloud album.
2nd way - via wifi / Automatic photo transfer with Bluetooth smart
  1. Download "Exilim Connect" from Google Playstore or Apple store.
  2. Turn on your camera wifi function by pressing on the button once.
  3.  Select photos you want to transfer.
  4. Connect your phone to the camera via the camera wifi.
  5. DONE!
Various Shooting modes
1st - Selfie stick
Selfie stick is included in the package when your purchase ZR3500.
Hold on to your stick and capture your images. (Hey! Selfie stick, I meant!)

 2nd - Front Shutter
Easy selfies with front shutter.
Very handy. Very convenient.

 3rd - Motion Shutter
It is fun when you are taking a wefie!
People will start waving non-stop when you told them to wave their hands.

 4th - Timer
The most classic way ever.
Set the timer and capture your pictures.
Nothing too fancy. Nothing too hard.

Price: RM1,699

Anyway, part II will be up soon!
Are you excited to know more about this baby?


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