(Event) Casio's Latest member - Casio ZR3500.

by - Saturday, August 01, 2015

Few weekends ago, I was invited by Casio Malaysia to attend this long-awaiting launch of the ultimate selfie camera - ZR3500 by Casio.

This baby does wonders! Want to know how?
Stay tuned to my blog!
I am going to share more about it soon!

Price: RM1,699

 We were given chances to try on this baby.
Selfie? Wefie?

No problem with ZR3500!

 Part of MHB's bloggers (From left to right) - Pat, YOURS TRULY, Steph and Jenny.

A group photo of all the attendees of the day with Casio.

 As I mentioned earlier, this baby does wonders.

It comes with the Make-up Plus mode and 1/1.7-inch sensor to enhance the quality of selfies.
That means more good quality of selfies can be produced from this baby!

Why does better sensor contributes to better quality of pictures?
Bigger surface to receive more lights, especially night portrait or burst shooting mode.
 What is Make-up Plus mode?
I guess most of you are curious what is Make-up Plus mode. It is a special mode created by Casio to create attractive photos with outstanding resolution. That means selfies or wefies with attractive complexion and good quality. 

  • Colour adjusting
  • Skin smoothness
  • Able to capture each hair and eyelash
  • More natural skin finishing and texture

 It comes with 4 colours:

  • Hot Pink
  • Pure White
  • Metallic Beige
  • Toy Yellow

 180 degree tilt screen, front shutter, hand motion shutter, timer and more!

You name it, you own it.
How to transfer photos directly from the camera?

  • Casio Exilim App
All you have to do is download the app from Google Playstore (Android) or Apple store (IOS). Connect your phone to the camera via camera wifi function and select your photos.
  • Photo-sharing app, Scene 

Using EXILIM Connect and the photo-sharing app, Scene (developed and supplied by Ripplex Inc.) , images taken with the camera can be automatically uploaded to a cloud-based photo album. This lets users easily share photos with travel companions or even far away relatives.

More to come. This is just an introduction to the camera - Casio ZR3500.
I will do a detailed review of ZR3500.
Stay tuned!


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