(Travel) Half day trip to Pulau Ketam 半日游之吉胆岛

by - Monday, July 27, 2015

RM14 (round trip) per pax to take boat from Port Klang.

How to get to Port Klang?
1) All the way straight via car (around 50 minutes with no congested traffic)
2) Take KTM to Port Klang KTM station

 We were welcomed by these written pillars in muddy field.

 Muddy area is full of mini crabs and mud hoppers.

Mud Hopper's chinese name is 弹涂鱼, if you don't know what is "Mud Hopper".

 Finally, a signage to welcome us.

Pulau Ketam is not a huge island.
It is just a small island for city people like us to have a short getaway and have fresh seafood.

Please, don't expect it to have nice beaches nor 5-star beach resort.
It is just a fishing village, place for the fishermen to stay.

 How can I not have my #OOTD shot?

 As I said Pulau Ketam is not big, you just have walk along the lane and you will find a street with seafood restaurants.

Of course, they have lots of stalls selling Oyster Fried and Lala Fried.

FOOD STUFF (lunch)

 Oyster Fried RM10

Fresh but don't expect it to be extra salty like the one we usually have in Klang Valley.
I think the taste is just nice.

 Steamed Lala ("Clams")

Fresh! Huge! No extra flavouring needed for this!
Thumbs up.....except for the slight salty taste of the gravy. Oh boy.

 Salt and Pepper baked Prawns

Fresh! YUMMY!
No complain about this! =P

 Stir-fried Yau Mak ("Vegetables")

Typical but big portion.

 This is how big one of the clams is!

As big as my spoon!



 Apparently, they have a lot of temples but nothing impressive.

Therefore, photos will do.

 Do you love me?

Pulau Ketam does. *blush*

 I like it.

Carpet-like doggie.

I spent 3-4 hours to round the whole island.

A good place for a really short getaway.
Seafood, a short walk with your partner, observe the lives of fishermen.

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